War Is Coming Communications.

June 5th, 2012

War Is Coming Communications.


June 5th, 2012

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Ice cream maker. We need one when this is over.

...do you know how to use one?

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[Text to Connor]

>Stop getting yourself killed, I'm fine.


Astor better not have known I was missing, or I will kill you. Jedi Sith thing or not.

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Hey, so we're alive. Me, Abby, and Rose, that is. Miss us?

[Amy and Darcy]
Please come over
Sorry for worrying you
I need a fucking drink.
You girls stay out of trouble while I was off playing prisoner?

filtered against the Master, Romana, moriarty, and evil

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So who's still missing from our list?

Pepper Potts, Gabrielle, Iolaus, River Tam, Simon Tam, Felicia, Anna, Andy, Chuck, Ron Weasley, "Sexy". Am I missing anyone? We found a few, but they weren't with the others. Judging by past experience and a little bit of following my own gut we should check in similar ares for the others. Nearby warehouses and the like.

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[Filtered to Nine]

Do whatever you have to do. Ten won't, he's too supportive of second chances. Eleven is too soft-hearted. But it has to be done. He could've killed half this city. And then the rest of this planet. And this universe here isn't ready for him with your TARDIS.

Just don't hurt Romana unless you absolutely have to. I have to slap her first

[Texts to Jules]

» Um, I love you, and I promise to read all of these eventually, but geez, woman.
» I was just kidnapped and stuffed in a warehouse, act like it's a big deal or something.
» P.S. I'm okay. Please tell me you didn't do anything stupid like go out there looking.

[Texts to Elena]

» So um. Hi. Sorry I worried you?
» Have they found anybody else?
» I'm taking like, a three hour nap in my own bed and getting a hot shower and some food.
» Then I'm heading back out there. Want to come with?

to Priestly

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He's back! My friend is back!

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Мой бог эти пластиковые существа никогда не остановится?

If anyone requires a break to rest and/or eat I can cover your area for you.

[My god will these plastic creatures never stop?]

Text to Darcy

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>>You guys okay over there?
>>Need anything while I'm out?

filtered against evil, moriarty, emma, The Master, Romana, these long filters are confusing

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I'm getting tired of this can we ju
Making a supply run, if you need anything sound off.

How much longer do you think this is going to last?

Sorry I couldn't find her
at least she's safe now
but it should have been me that found

You okay?

Filtered against evil, Moriarty, Katherine, the Master...and Romana...

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I pride myself on learning new things whenever I can. I think the universe has been trying for a very long time to teach me the most important one and I've been ignoring it. The concept of trust is a beautiful lie. If I'd known this was what it was going to be like to be a human, I never would have made that stupid deal. My father was right about you. You're barbarians and I'd give anything to go home and never look back I'll never trust anyone ever again

I think it goes without saying that I'd like to study exclusively with you until school starts. Is that all right? Are you going to betray my trust like everyone else, too? Why am I even bothering anymore?

filtered against evil, moriarty, katherine

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I thought an expression of gratitude was due. Thank you to all who helped rescue me and the others from that awful place. You, too, Kingslayer.

Filtered from Evil and the Master

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I believe some of you have made misconceptions.

I am posting this to correct them.
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