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October 1st, 2011

October 1st, 2011

filtered against baddies

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I wasn't a horrible bitch to any of you while I was… different was I?

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Filtered to the mutant population )

filtered against evil

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Someone showed up on the boards a little while ago claiming to be Kon. I just met up with him and he actually is Kon. It isn't a trick or a demon or anything. No one made a deal. The seal just...didn't screw us over today, and actually did a 180 and made things right.

We're on our way back to the complex if you want to accost him in the lobby and demand proof of his being real for yourself. The more people who actually see him the more convinced I am that I'm not just crazy, so He will probably make an exasperated face at you which is clue #1 that it is actually Kon.

Text to Clark

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» Don't forget...8am is my first class.
» You're still coming, right...?

Filtered Against the Bad Guys

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Hi, I'm Billy Kaplan. I guess I should probably be more freaked out by all of this, but after dating an alien, becoming teammates with a time traveler, and possibly being a transplanted soul of a child that was supposed to be dead, you kind of look over the small things.

I'm 16, and I was a teenage superhero in my world. That's really pretty much it. Oh - Well, they called me Wiccan. Guess that might interest other comic book fans like myself.

And to Teddy, if you can read this:

I just want you to know that I'm okay. And whatever time you're from, past or future or even my present, I hope you're okay too. If you're here, please let me know and stay where you are. I'll find you. And if you're not, but you're somehow able to access this message, just know that I'm alright. Don't worry about me. I'll keep safe, and I'll try not to do anything too stupid.

And if you're not here, I will find you and bring you here I hope you're keeping safe too. Try not to get too impatient waiting for me to come back.

Also-- I love you Well, you know. I don't have to say it.


Filtered to Florence

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While it's on my mind... Hey Florence...I wondered if I could ask you a favor?

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I'm getting restless. It's about time to invent something new. So...survey: what does this town need the most? Back home we needed, uh, something other than sardines to eat and that problem took a while to solve, but I'm completely confident that Sam will be able to pick up where I left off and that's taken care of (which is good, since I, uh, apparently can't go back to Swallow Falls?).

But, um, every town probably has one thing above all that they need, right? So what does Lawrence need? I'm bored and it's time to get back to work. My room here is way smaller than the lab, but it still works and I've already built most of

Anti-Evil Filter

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So I know this past week wasn't me, and I'm sure most of you know that, but I just wanted to apologize for everything.

Especially anyone who played that 'game' she had going, I saw the post history... I've deleted the photos out of the comments, in case they're still in your history. You won't have to see them anymore if you happen back on that page.


Did you kill it?


Are you yourself again? Are you okay?

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From what I gather everyone is back to themselves. That's something good.

Hopefully nothing quite that drastic happens for a while?

I need to a get a job... Other than forging documents....

[Tyler and Nate]

You guys want to hang out? I was thinking about getting some food and a movie?

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Left at Brittany Pierce's door just after 11:30pm )
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