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April 21st, 2010

April 21st, 2010

Filtered Against Baddies

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Anyone want to try explaining to Sora why he should get his own apartment instead of insisting he should live in mine?

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Package left on Ruby's bed. )

[ooc: Who says Sam can't be romantic?]

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Kyle never described time/space travel like this, very different. Nothing like being born. No white light or disorientation.
It better not be after or anywhere near April 21st, 2011
Wonder if metal is around

My name is Sarah Gale. I've heard that these things are used for introductions and getting information. That's what I need right now. I've heard that some people just randomly show up here. Which isn't natural. I know, it happened to me This happens a lot? I also need to know the date. The exact date and year. I can't stress just how important it is. Also can't contact anyone with my phone.

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All right, I confess, I should have seen to a flu shot.

I forgot how suddenly these things can come on, that's for certain.

Feels like a bloody truck ran over me...yes, that about describes it.


I'll keep up with things as best I can. Are you all right? I'd hate to see you experience anything like your previous incident. [end filter]

I think I'd prefer to rest just for a bit...perhaps the rest of the day.

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Screw you people and your damned monster flu.

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...Denver's pizza?

[Sam Winchester]
Got the bones you sent over. Couldn't tell you much, except that they are human and they...kinda smelled funny. Don't know what it is yet. But you were right about them being blood-free, of the victim's or the perp's. Didn't get much from the scene either. So we can't get an ID on this thing. Can't profile the victims since we don't even know who they are. All we have to go on is that there are victims.

Send me a list of where the remains were found, would you? It's a slim chance, but if we can map out its movements, we might be able to tell where it likes to hunt, what its preferences are, maybe even where it might be headed next. We can't go to it, we'll just have to make it come to us.

Filtered against baddies.

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I almost forgot how good it felt to win at somet
I stopped by a bar and got in some pool. I probably shouldn't have b They had a cutthroat tournament. I wasn't going to enter. But one of the players saw me break my own game on a table near by and I ended up walking away with the prize. Not a bad way to end camp at all. not a good way but not a b

Thanks. Really.even if you did call me an ..what was your wo
whatever that means so many times

Filtered to Marian

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Much and I never got to grab that drink, and I thought I'd see if he was free this evening, but I wanted to make sure you didn't have anything planned tonight. Does that work?
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