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September 7th, 2014

September 7th, 2014

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Who: Regina Mills & Harry Lockhart
When: [Backdated] Evening, September 5, 2014
Where: Harry's place
What: Burgers, sharing their adventures, oh and informing the uncle that he'll be an uncle :D
Rating: TBD

It wasn’t until she had seen these glimpses that Regina realized just how much she had missed him/ Missed the smiles and easy flow of their conversations/And right now that was exactly what she needed/Her brother and greasy food )

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Who: Caroline and Kol
What: a needed conversation
When: today!
Where: out and about in Lawrence
Warnings:I doubt it!

I have no witty lyrics )

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Who: Bonnie Bennett
What: Nighmare, setting bed on fire, general feelings, and realizing that she had some work to do.
When: 9/7 weeeee hours of the morning
Where: Home...aka Aunt Jenna's house where Bonnie stays.
Warnings: Um...fire? And guilt? And angst?

The goal was not to tempt the fates and potentially burn the house down any time soon. She was pretty sure that she could manage that…hopefully. )

[OOC: Long narrative, but in sum Bonnie had a nightmare about Expression and her guilt she's been carrying. Which caused her to set her blankets on fire. Vampires in the house feel free to have heard some muffled whimpers, fire, and panicky Bon-bon. Really in-tune magic users.sensitive ones may have felt a bit of an uncontrolled spike of magic from starting the fire. ♥]

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Who: Bonnie Bennett & Elena Gilbert
What: Post-Nightmare kitchen talk
When: 9/7
Where: Home/House de Aunt Jenna
Warnings: None yet...

Anything is better than sleep-pyromania. )

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Who: Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg
When: Just after their arrival in Lawrence
Where: Graveyard!
What: Buffy's confused and a little tired. Explanations are needed.
Rating: TBA, but probably fairly low?

Graveyards. What is it with me and graveyards? )
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