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November 22nd, 2013

November 22nd, 2013

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Who: Emma Swan and Jim Moriarty
What: Pesticide. Emma has declared it pesticide
When: Two days ago, thanks IJ!
Where: Loki's magically pimped out warehouse
Warnings: Oh, you name it. Violence, language, adult references, torture, dark magic... FUN!

The End of a Fairytale )

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Who:John Watson and Khaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn
What:John enjoys his hospital drugs a bit too much and thinks Khan is Sherlock again.

His eyes remained open, but he didn't give any indication he was awake... )

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Who: Graham and Emma
What: Angsty girlfriend is reunited with tortured boyfriend. Feels commence
When: ALSO backdated, last one from me, I swear!
Where: Hospital. :(
Warnings: References to violence and torture. Also...adorableness.

We got here eventually, and you and me, and the kids, this is real. And I plan on keeping it. )
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