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April 9th, 2013

April 9th, 2013

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Scott & [Open]
Late Monday afternoon, April 8, 2013; Streets of Lawrence
Scott's arrival
TBD/In progress

People didn't just pop into other towns out of nowhere. ...Did they?Read more... )

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Who:Booth and Bones
When:Her arrival
Where:the city-the location she gave.
Warnings:TBA but should be low?

Booth had no idea how to react... )

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Who: TIME CROSSED LOVERS! Cosette and Marius
What: Reuniting/meeting. Seriously, the Seal's a jerk
When: 9 April 2013, forward-dated to sometime tonight
Where: Complex med-bay
Warnings: I foresee angst/feels, and then a lot of confusion
Status: Thread | Incomplete

So many things unclear, so many things unknown )

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Who: Henry and Emma
What: Time for a talk
When: tonight!
Where: the park
Warnings: is angst a warning?

text )

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Who:Much and Robin
What:a chat
Where:Their place

It was storming out. Great. Just add that to his list of current annoyances  )
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