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March 8th, 2013

March 8th, 2013

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Who: Grace and Emily.
What: Grace is taking care of a baby while Maleficent lashes out at everyone. It's okay. Papas, they always find you. Sometimes it just takes them longer than you want.
When: 8 March 2013
Where: In the house Maleficent stole in the room Grace has been locked in
Warnings: ....if there are warnings from Grace that ARENT adorableness and precious, I"m doing it wrong.
Status: Narrative | Complete

The stars are all my friends til the nighttime ends, so I know I'm not alone when I'm here on my own, in the silent slumber I'm not alone, you're not alone, not really alone )

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Who:Rose and John
What:a seemingly normal Moriarty-free morning. But it's John, and the theme seems to be if there isn't Moriarty I'm doing it wrong??
When:As the mist kicks in
Where:Their flat

There was a tea pot on the stove preparing morning tea )

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Who: Graham and Emma
What: Well, sometimes your boyfriend is fine and sometimes he's cursed...
When: As the smoke starts kicking in!
Where: Casa de Storybrooke
Warnings: it's Emma, if she's not swearing, I'm doing it wrong

They'd all be fine. They had to be )

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WHO: Becker and OTA Jack Harkness!
WHAT: Becker’s been cursed, hello trauma!
WHEN: Today
WHERE: Outside the complex (or in Afghanistan if you’re him)
RATING: Rated for images of war and unpleasantness of that sort. Becker believes he’s back in Afghanistan when he was captured behind enemy lines. If anyone approaches him, it should be done with caution, he is a highly skilled soldier who will see everyone as an enemy at the moment.
STATUS: complete as a narrative, open if anyone is brave enough to tag him!

The heat of the desert scratched at his skin )

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Who: Regina and House
What: Ever wanted to see the former Evil Queen completely lose it? Now is your chance. Poor House just gets caught in the middle. Oh dear.
When: After the mist/smoke rolls through town.
Where: House's Apartment
Warnings: Yelling. Serious Mommy Issues. The rest is TBA
Status: Complete

hush now baby, baby, don't you cry/mother's gonna make all your nightmares come true/mother's gonna put all her fears into you )

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Who: Anatoly and Svetlana Sergievsky, "Molokov"
What: Nothing big, just Svetlana getting cursed and Anatoly having to find her to reverse it.
When: 8 March 2013 throughout the day and night, on and off thunderstorms because lolz i like weather.com
Where: Around Lawrence... train tracks.
Warnings: Angst/Feels/Paranoia
Status: Thread | Complete

I lost them once, I can't bear it, I can't lose them again, I just wanted to hold on somehow, look at me now )
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