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December 3rd, 2012

December 3rd, 2012

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Who: Peter Vincent, Ginger, Andrew Wells
What: Death by feels. And Demons.
Where: The Complex battlefield
When: Monday, noonish, December 3rd 2012
Warnings: Foul language, blood, character death, and ALL THE ANGST EVER
Status: Closed, complete.

This must be what going mad feels like... )

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Who: Piotr Rasputin, NPC! baddies and a child
What: Peter sacrifices himself to save a child
Where: Block from the complex
When: Early morning of the 3rd
Status: Narrative/Complete
Rating: Character death

No will to wake for this morn/To see another black rose born/Deathbed is slowly covered with snow//Angels, they fell first but I'm still here/Alone as they are drawing near/In heaven my masterpiece will finally be sung )

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Who: Harry Lockhart, open to Epiphany Greaves
What: Harry tries to play hero
Where: Just outside the complex
When: Monday early afternoon, December 3rd 2012
Warnings: blood, mild gore, character death
Status: Narrative, complete(?)

Really, it shouldn’t have been so surprising that Perry was right all along. )

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Who: Lois and Kon
What: defending the eighth floor
Where: eighth floor of the complex
When: Monday afternoon nearing evening
Warnings: language, fighting, blood and gore and all that fun stuff
Status: Complete

well crap )

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Spike & Epiphany
Monday afternoon/possibly into evening, December 3, 2012; Harry's apartment
Epiphany is breaking. Spike is trying to help.
High (mentions of character death+breakdowns/feels/all the angst)/In progress

Sorry for all the Spike placeholders ever, guys. Emailing it to post at once. Rambley placeholder is rambley.

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Peter, Lydia & Gwen
Monday morningish, December 3, 2012; Somewhere outside the complex in the massive mess
Lydia going out like a BAMF, Peter having feels, and Gwen finding Peter/pulling him away from Lydia.
High (character death, angst, all the feels ever)/Complete

And for a second, Peter felt a sense of relief wash over him. But that second was short-lived...

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