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December 2nd, 2012

December 2nd, 2012

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Who: Natasha Romanoff & Bruce Banner
When:Laaate Saturday night/Earrrrly Sunday morning
Where: Outside the Avengers compound
Rating: High for Character Death
Status: Complete

Caught in your eyes // Lost in your name // I will never be the same )

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WHO: Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark
WHAT: Peeta being possessed
WHERE: Outside Cindy's house
WHEN: Sunday morning, around 7:00am
WARNINGS: Violence, graphic descriptions/situations, language
PROGRESS: Started via gdoc, still in progress

By the time Katniss came into view again, the demon knew all of Peeta's dirty little secrets. )

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Characters: Regina Mills Death
When: [Forward dated a tad] Monday early morning
Location: Streets of Lawrence (near the complex)
Warnings/Rating: Character death. Angst. [Minor OUaT winter finale spoiler]
Summary: Regina felt something was wrong and left to "patrol." In the process she happens upon a girl fighting and decides to help. Her efforts are thwarted by a creature that winds up taking her life but not without a fight.
Status: Complete [Those who witnessed it can tag back with reactions]

regret for the things we did/can be tempered by time/it is regret for the things we did not do/that is inconsolable )

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Who? Kat (open to Bruce, since he's coming to find her, if you wanna play?)
What? Zombies! Biting! Onoes!
Where? Kat's apartment
When? Noonish today.
Why? Because I can't just kill a character in a simple manner!
Rating? Highish? Swearing + zombie-style violence/gore.

Kat rose to her feet shakily, stripping off her sweater, letting the blood-soaked garment fall on the nearby table, instead of dropping it on the carpet (not that it would matter, soon, she'd be dead and why should she care about carpet? But then, maybe Epiphany would want to offer the place to someone else, wouldn't be easy if there were bloodstains everywhere), and ran the kitchen tap water over the bite on her arm. )

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Who? Loki, Demon!Darcy (and Darcy), driveby Sam&Ruby
Posting Order: TBD
What? Finding, tazing, depossessing, angst, and more!
Where? A dark creepy alley where Sam lured demonDarcy. Because classy.
When? Tonight!
Rating? Highish?


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Who:Booth, Ziva, and some demons!
What:Character death and possession.
Where:The streets and then the complex.
Warnings:A for angst and D for death!

[ooc note!: Dead Ziva is dead, people probably would have heard a gunshot near the carpark.]

You should have just let me go.. )

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Who: Allana, Kon, Jaina (posting order?) NPC demons and hellhound
What: Securing a back entrance to the complex does not go as planned. Allana bites it. And I don't mean toast.
Where: Complex kitchen
When: During the height of the complex!invasion
Rating: High. Character death warning.

her lightsaber was knocked from her hand and rolled across the floor, and she only had time to wonder, frantically, what had hit her before she felt the breath on her neck and she knew. )
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