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November 26th, 2012

November 26th, 2012

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Who? Loki (Open to Darcy, otherwise narrative)
What? Depowering!
Where? Loki/Darcy's apartment
When? Monday, 11/26/12, 12am, Lawrence time!
Why? Because this dude is addicted to writing me narratives, I dunno.
Warnings? None really? Pain? Open-ended narrative format? Nah, really it's pretty tame though.

It was everywhere and nowhere all at once, a fire burning without causing damage, like alcohol fumes aflame. )

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Who: Merlin (Narrative)
Where: Merlin's tower
What: Depowering means the walls come tumbling down.
When: midnight, Lawrence time
Warnings/Rating: PG-13 for destruction!

The Shattering... )

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Who? Chuck (open to Jo? Otherwise, open-ended narrative!)
What? Visiony craziness and pain, followed by depowering/dewishes'ing?
Where? Roadhouse
When? Midnight, Lawrence time!
Warnings? Maybe. Chuck's visions are painful and vivid and creepifying. I almost got my migraine back just writing them.
Also I wrote a lot of this while half asleep so it might just not make sense.

...and, sometimes, if he moved, there was a swirling haze of soundlightcolorsmell that made him want to throw up his entire central nervous system. )

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Who: Enigma and Bruce Banner
What: Performing medicine
Where: The city of Lawrence
When: Evening, monday night
Rating: TBD - Probably mid-high

But penance need not be paid in suffering...It can be paid in forward motion. Correcting the mistake is a positive move, a nurturing move. --Barbra Hall )
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