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November 25th, 2012

November 25th, 2012

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Who: Jaina and Mara
What: Mara is trying to get Jaina to open up and talk about things.
When: Backdated slightly to Saturday evening
Where: Their motel room
Warnings: Jaina feels, possible language, but otherwise should be low?

Why is it called Elysian Fields / When love builds only grief / All your agony and pain / Stays the same till you see / That destination shows you legends long extinct )

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Who: Svetlana and Joan
What: Given Svetlana's people issues and so forth, CLEARLY she must be the one to find another Watson.
When: Late afternoon
Where: Random street in Lawrence
Warnings: Most likely low?

Because clearly the Seal is a jerk )

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Who: Arthur and Morgana
What: Arthur arrives in Lawrence, so naturally Morgana must find him
Where: The park
When: Late afternoon of the 25th
Status: Complete
Rating: Mediumish? Beware Morgana's snark?

Why would she betray us like that? It has to be magic )
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