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November 14th, 2012

November 14th, 2012

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Who: Elena Gilbert and Tahiri Veila
What: Because Elena is incapable of not helping someone, no matter what it means to her own well being
When: Afternoon of 14 November 2012
Where: Uh, wherever Tahiri is to... wherever. Specifics, who needs specifics?
Warnings: Feels. I expect feels. And anger probably. Everything else TBA
Status: Thread | Incomplete

We've lost so much, so many of those we love are dead, how do I get these memories out of my fucking head? )

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Who: Jonathan and Spike
What: arrival!
When: after dark
Where: a random street
Warnings: geekiness. flailing. possible language
Status: we're working on it

please don't make me think of lyrics while i'm sick )

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Who: Steve and Helena
What: Steve needs some interaction (and he's currently the only non-hormonal, non-broken member of House Warehouse, oops?) and Helena needs to talk to someone lest she cause another explosion somewhere.
When: around 10 pm so slight backdating
Where: House Warehouse
Warnings: TBA because god only knows

We will never forget and no we will not forgive / We fought hard not to die yet we don't know how to live / How do we change our world to what we want it to be? / How do we move beyond all of this misery? )
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