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September 25th, 2012

September 25th, 2012

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Who: Cinderella and Ghost!Dorothy Gale
What: Knock down drag out fight!
When: Early morning 9/25
Where: Cindy's house.
Warnings: Violence. Foul Language.
Status: Narrative.


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Who: Svetlana Sergievsky and Dmitri Krylov
What: Breaking from all the stress. Stupid PTSD and memories and worry =/
When: 25 September, midday into early evening
Where: Crosswalk where the girls were shot last year during AU plot
Warnings: Angst and stubbornness?
Status: Narrative | Complete

I had a moment of doubtful suspension/but it's almost forgotten/it's been pulled away/by too many hands touching where i stand/and i can't fall/because you'll try and catch me )

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Who: Snow White & OPEN
What: Decidedly lost and searching for some help
When: Tuesday, late evening
Where: Unknown (to her), on a sidewalk
Warnings: None.
Status: In Progress

One minute you're getting a hug and then POOF... )

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Who: Marguerite and Percy
What: The Seal has dropped Percy here. Clearly there will be a reunion.
When: Earlier this evening
Where: Somewhere in Lawrence
Warnings: Marguerite faints, otherwise pretty low. Just CUTE.

Across the sky / I will come for you / If you ask me to / Demystify / Your uncommon dreams / Stranger things have come true )

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Who: Helena and ghost!Christina
What: Someone is trying to hold onto a ghost, so said ghost is ensuring Helena is able to move forward.
When: Tonight
Where: Myka's room
Warnings: Emotional death. So much emotional death. I didn't need my heart, really.
Status: Narrative, complete

Some black birds soaring in the sky / Barely a breath I caught one last sight / Tell me that was you saying goodbye / There are times I feel the shiver and cold / It only happens when I'm on my own / That's how you tell me I'm not alone )

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Who: Enigma and Peter Parker
What: Spaghetti, Drinking and Grieving
Where: Peter's Apartment
When: After the ghosts vanish
Rating: TBD
Status: Closed, Ongoing

A friend is someone who is there for you when he'd rather be anywhere else. - Len Wein )

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Who:Katniss and her dad
Where:The woods on Cindy's property
Warnings: None
Status: Narrative, complete

Read more... )

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Who? Laufey!ghost, background!Loki
What? Erin randomly wrote 800-some words of Laufey!POV narrative? Laufey is a cranky jerk. Also a creeper.
Where? Iceland
When? Backdated to last night.
Rating? Not terribly high!

Loki was breaking, and Laufey only wished he could be here to see it when the pieces finally came apart. )

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WHO: Lee and Lexi
WHAT: It’s a vampire true love reunion! Just imagine the epic musical score right now.
WHEN: This morning, just when the ghosts have left.
WHERE: Lexi’s room.
RATING: There’s swooning. And smooching.

There had been tequila )

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Who: Enjolras and Gavroche
What: Getting the chance to say goodbye with a man-to-man talk
When: Just before exiting ghosts exit
Where: Enjolras' flat
Warnings: A sassy little street rat puts a student revolutionary in his place? Bout it.


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Who: Anatoly and ghost!Erik
What: Anatoly has had enough of Erik's BS and between the stress of working long hours in the medbay and trying to help Svetlana, he's at his breaking point in patience.
When: Tuesday morning after Svetlana took the girls to school and shortly before heading back down to the medbay for the day
Where: His apartment for once
Warnings: Language, angry as-all-fuck-Toly.
Status: Narrative, complete

If it calms your conscience / Making me the guilty one / Take my reputation )

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WHO:Andrea and Snake

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