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August 11th, 2012

August 11th, 2012

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WHO: Stephanie Brown and Jason Todd
WHAT: Birthday celebrations! With beer.
WHEN: Around 11:30PM, August 10th.
WHERE: Starts on the roof! Goes... Eh, who knows where.
WARNINGS: There may be punching a random criminal NPC eventually. And Jason is involved. Do I really need to say more?

It took her by surprise when Jason mentioned meeting her up on the roof. )

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Who: Clint Barton, open to anyone staying in Banner's warehouse
What: Clint goes to the roof for some time to himself in the wee early hours of the morning
Where: Rooftop of Banner's warehouse
When: Pre-dawn hours of the 11th
Status: In Progress (can work as a narrative though)
Rating/Warning: Mid-rangish, will update if necessary

They think I'm a fool/Can't realise/Hope plays a wicked game with the mind/'Cause I thought that love would bind/Help me I'm buried alive )

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Who:Kon, Lois, and Clark (order?)
What: breakfast-Clark can even turn pancakes into a lecture.
When:This morning
Where:Clark's, then who knows.
Warnings:Clark lectures. A lot. Kon puppy faces. In genera it's not pretty.

for the first time since he knew the man he actually bothered to knock instead of just letting himself in. )

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Who: Gaia and Galen
What: You know that saying what goes around comes around? Well, karma is biting Gaia in the ass in the form of cocaine AND opium withdrawal at the SAME TIME. Because I am an evil person like that.
When: Right now
Where: Gaia's house
Warnings: NSFW. HIGH for drug withdrawal symptoms including a seizure (because both opium withdrawal and me are evil like that). So if you are sensitive to this sort of thing, do not read. There's also a minor amount of blood from a cut sustained during the seizure. Probably language and such on Galen's end. And really, this is just the beginning

Amber Sweet is addicted to the knife / Addicted to the knife? / Addicted to the knife / And addicted to the knife / She needs a little help with the agony )
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