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April 27th, 2012

April 27th, 2012

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Who? Loki & Darcy
What? Dealing with Pestilencey stuff.
Where? Iceland~
When? This evening.
WHY???? Because of reasons.
Status: Unfinished / in-progress

Would he return to normal? Or was this - absent of mind, lacking in control, clumsy in movements - the new normal? The thought was nearly unbearable. )

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Who: Emily Lake with a touch of Helena at the end
What: Learning that you didn't actually exist until a certain someone went crazy and got Janus Coined is a traumatic experience.
When: Right now
Where: Closet in Helena's apartment. Because Myka locked Emily in it.
Warning: Pretty low

Was that really all she was? The remnants of someone who had once been H. G. Wells? )
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