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April 23rd, 2012

April 23rd, 2012

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Who: Helena Wells
What: Take the stress of yet another major change in her life. Add in her finding out she's a fictional person from Moriarty. Then add in the stress from being on Moriarty's radar because of her involvement with Irene. Clearly all of this equals her having nightmares about what happened to her in the Warehouse and being exploded by Moriarty.
When: 4 am the Twenty-third of April 2012
Where: Her apartment
Warning: Explosion and death in a nightmare, otherwise extreme fear and references to her actual death.

A nightingale in a golden cage // That's me locked inside reality's maze // Come someone make my heavy heart light // Come undone bring me back to life )

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Who: Abby Maitland, NPC!Cops and Connor Temple
What: Abby's arrival in Lawrence... and subsequent arrest for indecent exposure and having an exotic animal with her >.>
When: 10 pm 23 April 2012
Where: Park and Police Station to the complex
Warnings: TBD based upon what Abby learns
Status: Thread/In Progress

Does it -look- like I have somewhere to keep my identification? )

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Who: Cordelia Chase, Fred Burkle
What: Cordelia arrives at the complex to see Fred.
When: 4 PM April 23
Where: Complex
Status: Finished

Under here. )
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