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April 14th, 2012

April 14th, 2012

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Who: Myka and Helena
What: Helena is freaking out hardcore over Moriarty's post to her. Oh and they are sort of fictional.
When: This afternoon a little while after Moriarty's post
Where: Helena's apartment
Warning: Cursing, probably some angst, everything else is TBA

I've tried to peer into the core // But could not storm the sorrow // My hollow heart has bled me dry, left me to stray // Another time without a trace // Condemn me now, send me to Hell // For I'm all ready failing )

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Who: Anakin and Mara
What:soft pretzels and tea. Shut up they go together.
When: today
Where:Jaina's then a mall or something where soft pretzels live.
warnings:tba but I don't see any

If their family was anymore dramatic then it already was they were going to need a daytime tv special )

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Who: Damon Salvatore, Galinda and NPC!James the Douchecanoe
What: Damon comes to Galinda's rescue from her abusive boyfriend
When: Around 6 pm, 14 April 2012
Where: Alley behind the mall Galinda works at
Warning: Violence, cursing, rest TBD

You're an unrescuable schizo, or else you're on the rag, and if you take him back, I'm gonna lose my nerve, he's gonna beat you like a pillow, you schizos never learn )
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