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March 1st, 2012

March 1st, 2012

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Who: Lucy Trumper and Open to complex people
Where: The music room
When: Tonight
Rating: Probably low
Status: Incomplete; Open

Couldn't sleep at all tonight... )

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Who: Jo Harvelle and Baby!Ash & Baby!Rae (NPC)
Where: A newspaper stand
When: Around 9:30am
Rating: Low
Status: Closed; Narrative

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Who: Elidara Reynolds and minion!Demon for Meg
Where: Streets of Lawrence
When: Around 11:30am
What: Elidara really is her father's daughter. Sass the demon? Sure. Get kidnapped to be tortured, oops?
Rating: Med-High
Status: Closed; Narrative

burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me )

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Who: Patty and NPC!demon minion types
What: Fighting and kidnapping!
When: Midafternoon
Where: A street in Lawrence
Warning: Violence, language, some blood possibly

This was definitely not the way she'd planned this day to go )

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WHO: Darcy Ainsley and toddler!twin Ainsleys (NPC)
WHERE: Walmart parking lot
WHEN: Around 10:00am
STATUS: Closed; Narrative

This was every mother's biggest fear and still somehow managed to fall into the 'it'll never happen to me' file in the backs of their minds. )

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Who: Samantha Winchester and NPC attacker
When: Evening
Where: Alley behind the complex, then juuuuust outside the wards
What: Kidnappery!
Warnings: Violence
Status: Narrative, complete

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Who: Anna and whoever finds her
What: Anna got caught by Meg and tortured for several days straight
Where: Warehouse then moving to the complex lobby (least it isn't the stairs?)
When: Night of the 1st
Rating/Status: PG-13/Still in progress (Troy's bit is more or less done)

She should have tried to stalk in wolf form )

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Who: Aurora Moriarty and two npc!Demons of Megs
Where: Streets of Lawrence
When: About 5pm
What: Aurora gets kidnapped! Jim should have kept his mouth shut....
Rating: Er, mediumish. Fighting but nothing too bad.
Status: Closed; Narrative

But....nothing could ignore her fire; nothing! )
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