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February 25th, 2012

February 25th, 2012

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Who: Bruce, Dick, and Jason
What: Bruce finds his boys the next day after their fight
Where: Where the fight ended then to the hospital
When: Backdated. Several hours after This and shortly after This and This, so about late morning (otherwise Dicky boy might bleed to death and we can't have that).
Rating/Status Possibly low, in progress

Bruce was VERY unamused )

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Who: Mulan/Mushu and OPEN!
What: Ancient Chinese girl popping up in Lawrence with a travel size dragon
Where: A street in Lawrence with few passersby
When: Afternoon of the 25
Rating/Status: Low/In Progress

A girl and her dragon are a wee bit confused )

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Who: Aurora and Bruce
What: Coffee and psychoanalysis?
When: Today, 2pm
Where: A cafe
Warnings: Angst, not much else
Status: Complete

Caffeine always sharpened her wits and she'd need all of them for this meeting )

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Who:Dick, Bruce, Barbara.
What:Reuniting-sort of
Where:Bruce's safe house!
warning: tba

He didn't know what day it was or what time it was, or hell even where he was except that it was a safe house. )

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Who: Bertie Wooster, open.
What: Bertie finds himself in the wrong time and place
Where: A street in Lawrence near the University
When: February 25th, afternoon.
Rating: Low
Status: In Progress

Things get dashed odd for Bertie )
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