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February 15th, 2012

February 15th, 2012

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Who: Fred Burkle and H. G.
What: Theorizing about the Seal and how it works.
When: After this
Where: Fred's apartment
Warning: Deep scientific and mathematical discussions happening here. So um, if your brain doesn't comprehend that stuff, you will not understand this. Google and Wikipedia will be abused during the writing of this thread.

It wouldn't stop her from studying the seal, though. At the very least, it made her want to study it more )

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Who Tony and Ziva
What Tony needs to poke Ziva to make sure she's real. And everyone loves a drugged Israeli Ninja.
Where Complex Medbay
When Late afternoon of the 15
Rating/Status Should be low/In Progress

And how is my favorite Israeli Ninja today? )

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WHO Tonks and Angel
WHAT Angel goes to check up on Tonks who is wrecked about him not remembering her.
WHEN February 15th, night-time
WHERE Angel investigations
RATING PG probably
STATUS In Progress

Read more... )

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WHO Cersei and Jaime Lannister
WHAT Jaime goes to find Cersei and acclimate her to Lawrence and the 21st century.
WHEN February 15th, afternoon
WHERE Cafe in downtown Lawrence
RATING PG probably, but who knows
STATUS In Progress

Read more... )

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Who: future!Rei and OPEN!
What: A 21 year old Rei has suddenly shown up in Lawrence and is a little confused and slightly sad at the date.
When: Now!
Where: Close to the complex
Warning: Language, otherwise TBA?

Fuck you, Seal. Fuck. You )

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Who: Darcy and Conner (her son)
What: Conner popping in from the future...during showertiems.
When: Beginning of Future!Plot
Where: Darcy’s apartment.
Warning: Nudity. And possible swearing from a terrified Darcy?

I'm TOO sexy! )

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Who: Moriarty and Irene and OPEN to anyone who'd pass through the complex lobby
What: Reprecussions for betraying Moriarty in the future
When: Today 2015, moving to today, 2012
Where: A warehouse, moving to the complex
Warning: High - torture, skin removal, nastiness

Her last thought as she sunk to the floor was to wonder what type of shoes he'd make )

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