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July 24th, 2011

July 24th, 2011

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WHO: Ali Rose and YOUR FACE
WHEN: July 24, 2011 | 9:30 am
WHERE: A park near the complex
WHAT: Ali is out for a jog, and ends up belting Michael Jackson tunes in the middle of the park.
STATUS: Incomplete

There is something creepy about hearing yourself sing when it isn't really you. )

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Who: Kon and Allana!
What: Waking up in the infirmary
When: Late evening today!
Where: complex infirmary

It was as if his brain had simply hung up a sign that said 'Gone Fishing' and left him for an extended period of time.. )

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WHO: Doctor²
WHAT: Technically, it's Ten getting medical attention, but you can't really stick two Doctor's into one TARDIS without crazy ensuing. It's impossible.
WHEN: Late afternoon.
RATING: PG for now.

Another him had been tossed into the woodwork, hailed straight on into Lawrence from a time so recent that the Doctor could still practically taste the radiation poisoning that had done him in. )

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Who? Loki and Darcy
What? Bringing aspirin, probably conversations.
Where? Darcy's apartment.
When? Backdated to this afternoon, after this comm thing.
Rating? Probably mild/moderate, shouldn't be terrifying. I doubt Loki will allow groping or anything when he's sober. :P

It would simply make him feel better if he checked on Darcy himself. There was no reason he should continue to think on the subject any longer; it was normal to be concerned for a friend who he had inadvertently put in a potentially dangerous situation, was it not? )
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