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February 25th, 2011

February 25th, 2011

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WHO: TK and Allana
WHAT: Mother/Daughter time because TK isn't going anywhere.
WHEN: Thursday 2/24 (backdated because I'm fail)
WHERE: We'll see!

TK wanted to spend time with her daughter! There was nothing wrong with it! )

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WHO: Melinda and Sam
WHAT: Mel's arrival to Lawrence.
WHEN: 2/25 Friday morning!
WHERE: Lawrence....we'll see!
RATING: PG-13? Mebe!

Waking up in a strange new land with a hangover. Not cool. )

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WHO: Zuko and Azula.
WHAT: Zuko is making tea and the siblings are going to BUTT HEADS!
WHEN: 2/25 Friday late morning/early afternoon!
WHERE: The kitchen!
RATING: PG-13? Mebe!

Tea fixes all problems. Or...according to Uncle it does. )

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Who: Sherry Leon
What: a lot of talking and amazingly no booze.
Where: Leon's apartment
When: Late Friday night
Rating: pg-13 for mentions of gore
This was one time she was glad she nursed drinks. )

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WHO: Jessica Hamby and OPEN
WHAT: Arriving! And flailing!
WHEN: Just after nightfall.
WHERE: A sidewalk somewhere in town. Where another one of the pups might be for some reason.
WARNINGS: FLAILY VAMPIRE. FLAILY VAMPIRE COVERED IN BLOOD. But it's werewolf blood? That makes it better, right?

She'd actually killed a werewolf! Without getting hurt! )
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