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September 13th, 2010

September 13th, 2010

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who: General Lionwhyte and open
what: Lionwhyte arrives, is a dumbass fabulous.
When: Mid-fternoon
Where: A park in Kansas
Warnings: Probably swearing and a lot of violence

Was it /wrong/ to assume that the demons worked for him? )

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Who: Damien and Prue
When: Around midnight or later
Where: His work
What: Fighting, attempted exorcisms, etc.
Rating: TBD, possibly high due to violence and language
Status: Incomplete


Exactly which one was demon possessed.. this normally should be a subject in his area of expertise, but he was just as confused as anyone else. )

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Who: Sarah Mohr & open
Where: Apartment library
When: Somewhere during the pandemonium
Warnings: Not likely

She really was a scared fourteen year old girl who was totally out of her depth at the moment )

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Who: Clark, Nightwing, Ron (and a few npc civilians!)
What: rescue.
When: 25 minutes after the post, just like Dick promised.
Where: not far away from Mcdonalds.
Warnings: TBA! demons, npc on npc violence? idk.

he would rather live with them for the rest of his life every night then face the end of the world as they knew it. )
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