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June 18th, 2010

June 18th, 2010

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Who: Robin and Much
What: Attending a cooking class
Where: A place located conveniently nearby
When: Backdated, after this
Rating: Low
Status: closed, incomplete

He could even cater for a whole group of people who complained a lot. )

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Who: Prue, Phoebe, Piper
What: Explaining things to Piper
When: Earlier this evening
Where: Piper's apartment
Warnings: Um...TBA

Piper was here and now it was up to two of her sisters to try and make sense out of the insanity going on )

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Who: Babs and Mal
What: Mal is getting more adventurous and imposing on folks.
When:Friday Night
Where: Security room, a place where people probably aren't supposed to be.
Warnings: TBA

Who knew what Earth people kept in isolated spaces. )

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Who: Danny Ketch and Jessica Drew.
What: Two superheroes are bored on patrol.
When: Backdated to before everybody looked like the Master.
Where: Random rooftop?
Warnings: Probably not.

Riding the rooftops when not transformed was HARD, but not impossible. )

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WHO: Kurt Hummel and OPEN
WHAT: Avoiding everyone that looks like the same dude.
WHEN: Afternoon, January 18th
WARNINGS: TBD. Because I can't think of anything that would be warning worthy right now.

Kurt was supposed to be on his way to work just then. )

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Who: Kyle Peltier and Needy
What: Run into each other
When: Wednesday Night (backdated)
Where: The bar where Needy works
Rating: PGish the who swearing thing and all

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