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April 6th, 2010

April 6th, 2010

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Who: Eliot and Angela
What: Obligatory coffee and greasy food after the post-body swap bar visit
Where: Random diner close to the complex
When: [Backdated] Morning, November 4th
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete

Since she bought rounds, he was willing to buy breakfast. )

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Who: Shay & Open
Where: Out on the town
What: Shay's playing hero
When: Late night Nov 6th
Warnings: Shay's laying the beatdown on a couple thugs.

The crime rate in Lawrence had probably plummeted )

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Who: Star & Open
Where: big kitchen
When: afternoonish
Star was whistling cheerfully to herself )

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Who: Cal & Jacen
Where: Roof
When: morningtime
What: Gateway practice & anger management
Just a small tear in reality, sparking grey at the edges and twisting against itself )

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Who: Tallahassee & Open
Where: Empty lot at the edge of town
When: Midafternoon
What: Target practice (and keeping an eye out for zombies)
He was thinking the way he did best, by shooting stuff )

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Who: Kate Kane/Batwoman and Tara Maclay
What: Confusion. Plus Kate just blew into town.
When: Afternoon, November 6th.
Where: The streets of Laredo Lawrence.
Warnings: Possible mild cursing. Definite confusion.

'What the hell?' she muttered to herself as she pulled her bike to the curb. )

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WHO: Sam & Ruby.
WHAT: They need to talk. Ruby is being avoidy. So Sam...improvises.
WHEN: Late afternoon.
WHERE: A quiet room at Bobby's place.

He knew that it was a douchey move, trapping her like this. )
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