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April 1st, 2010

April 1st, 2010

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Who: Tim and Dawn
What: post fight cute things.
When: uhm..post fight.
Where:Her room.
Warnings: tba. Teenagery antics.
Rating: PG-13 maybe?

post fight fuzz )

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Who: Glory/Ben and Team Wanna Stab them in their shared Face
What: The FIGHT
Where: Glory's very large very awesome back yard. There is sealey energy pplz
When: Hallow'een evening
Rating: PG 13. Stabbity.
Status: In progress, Hold on  a few for the subthreads to come - Subthreads, Minions/Victims vs Rescuers, victims switch sides when fixed, supers kick Glory in the face. - Witchey-Fu, and Glory/Ben/Buffy/Dawn

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Who: Faith!Kara and Pike
What: Awkward times
When: Morning after the battle
Where: Faith and Pike's place
Rating: A for Awkward and/or Amusing
Status: Incomplete

The hair coming out of her head, was brown, and unless she was mistaken, which she wasn't, Kara was not wearing the pajamas she'd put on before bed last night. )

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Who: Sam!Buffy and Ruby!Dean
What: Flailing
When: Morning! Around 9am
Where: Ruby's apartment
Rating: PG-13
Status: Incomplete

This wasn't her apartment. Why did she have a bad feeling? )

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Who: Tim!Ginny and Ginny!Tim
What:establishing rules and Tim trying not to play with the wand.
Where: Ginny's room
Watnings: Tba, confusion!

It was practically yelling at him to test it. )

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Who: Pike and Faith
What: Fight’s over. Pike has his mind back. They need to talk.
When: Last night, after the fight, before anybody got all Musical Chairs With Fleshy Bits.
Where: Their motel room.
Rating: PG-13, maybe?
Status: Incomplete

Things had been sort of quiet… )

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Who: Dean!Ruby and Sam!Buffy
What: The Hell?!??
Where: Buffy's apartment
When: 1st November morning
Rating: Um...naked shennanigins and cursing? PG13
Status: In Progress

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Who: Merlin!Robin and Arthur
What: This is not my beautiful wife fiancée
When: morning, start of the body swap
Where: Arthur and Merlin's apartment
Rating: mostly low, though with PG-13 references at the outset

same as it ever was (or not) )

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Who: Sam!Buffy, Ruby!Dean, Buffy!Sam, Dean!Ruby. Confused yet?
What: More confusion, cursing, mass wtfery
When: Late morning, early afternoon
Where: Buffy's apartment
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete

Buffy in Dean's body, and Dean and Ruby's body were headed back to the apartment complex to get to Buffy's apartment, which Ruby in Dean's body was stuck in, and Sam in Buffy's body was with her )

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Who: Jessia Drew and Danny Ketch
What: Too much chaos and stress leads to one thing. Beer.
Where: Jessica's apartment.
When: Evening. November 1st.
Rating: TBD. But they're bound to end up doing something stupid.

At least she had one of the lesser body swaps. )

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Who: Marian and Merlin!Robin
What: Waking in the morning where much Lawlz happens
When: Early morning, when it's the body swap
Where: Marian's Appartment
Rating: TBA
Status: Incomplete

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