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March 27th, 2010

March 27th, 2010

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Who: Stephanie Brown/Batgirl and Xander Harris
What: Steph just got to town. Xander finds her. There's probably gonna be squeeing.
When: Imma say Saturday. In the daytime.
Where: Random street! Woo!
Warnings: Uh... none that I can think of.

And I'm ready for whatever's next. )

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Who: Riku and Andrea Rojas
What: Riku has come to town! Andrea has played Kingdom Hearts. Yeeeah.
When: Saturday morning.
Where: Random street! Only, not the same one as Stephanie and Xander.
Warnings: Well... Riku is probably one of the only KH characters to be aware of curse words.

Not this again. )

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WHO: Cara & OPEN.
WHAT: Someone is not amused. Also incredibly confused. Therefore, that someone is attacking a homeless man for answers.
WHEN: Late morning.
WHERE: Lawrence, Kansas. Downtown.
RATING: PG-13 at best.

The man had not been expecting anything to come of it. So when a burst of unimaginable pain struck him to the core, he was shocked to find himself screaming. )

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Who: Gwen Tennyson and OPEN
What: Arrival, backdated to last night!
When: Friday night, late.
Where: outside a coffee shop.
Warnings: tba.

Piercing emerald green eyes adjusted )

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Who: Christy Jenkins and Open
What: Christy's being insane. Someone in the know should probably point out her plan sucks (SPN-ers or people who've already been through the Camp essentially)
Where: A Crossroads (uh huh)
When: Evening of the 27th October
Rating: TBD, There will be Christy Rage
Status: In Progress

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Who: Lois Lane and Glory
What: Mouthing off and BRAINSUCKAGE!
When: Saturday night. Yeah, that's right. She was at WORK on SATURDAY. Don't worry, it won't become a habit. She just wanted to finish something up.
Where: Outside of the Daily Planet Lawrence newspaper she works at.
Warnings: Brainsuckage. And some language.

Believe it or not, Lois had spent most of her Saturday afternoon at work. )

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Who: Glory & Dean Winchester
What: Winchester Brainz!
Where: Street Corner in Lawrence.
When: 27th October
Rating: TBD. Brainz.
Status: In Progress

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Who: Buffy Summers, Sam Winchester, mentions of sedated Dean Winchester
What: Sam comes back to the apartments, Buffy is with Dean
When: Late at night
Where: The apartment complex, Buffy's room
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete

Still, she'd played the role of a leader, un-phased and pretending she was in control  )
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