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February 7th, 2010

February 7th, 2010

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Who: Damien and Billy
When: Late evening, after this, this and this
Where: Floor 3 of the apartments
What: Feeling ill.. another first for him.
Rating: PG
Status: Complete


He had never been sick before, not for a single moment in his life. Well.. first time for everything, then. )

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Who: Castiel and anyone who wants to join him for pancakes! (Especially Fred and Uriel and Anna if she will come^^)
What: Pancakes and happy friendship times with a very happy angel or two
Where: The IHOP
When: First Day of the kryptonite outbreak
Rating: PG?
Status: In progress/Open to multiple threads

They even make nice hats. )

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Who: Castiel and Dean Winchester
What: Pancakes with Mr Frosty Dean and his (very) happy angel.
Where: The IHOP
When: AFTER Castiel meets the others and Dean goes looking for Sam.
Rating: PG?
Status: In progress/Closed

Nothing's gonna bring me down. )

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Who: Evil Wyatt and Christy
Where: Concealed area around the apartments
When: Evening
What: Wyatt looming and waiting for the right moment to attack
Warnings: Language? Violence(maybe)

He may have been cocky, but he wasn't stupid )

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Who: Phoebe, Clark, and Good!Wyatt
Where: A park in San Francisco
What: Phoebe attempts to strip Clark's powers, and is interrupted by Wyatt
When: After this and this
Rating: TBD
Status: Complete; Closed

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Who: Pike and Faith
What: Getting dinner at their favorite pizza place, and dosed with kryptonite at the same time.
Where: The pizza place near the motel they’ve been staying at.
When: First day of the kryptonite appearance, before Needy and Cal went to the club. Because I fail at timing.
Rating: R for now, will update if/when it needs it.
Status: Complete

Over the last several days… )
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