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February 6th, 2010

February 6th, 2010

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Who: Kara Kent
What: Arrival, and oh noes!
When: Night time
Where: Her apartment
Rating: PG
Status: Complete unless someone wants to find her

it was just the way she had left it )

Red K-Chloe gets a thread too.

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Who: Chloe and Oliver
What: Tying her up is suppose to intimidate her but it's doing the exact opposite.
When: Early morning? After she's infected, whores herself out at a club, Oliver beats up all the guys that were accepting her advances, and she shoots Ollie.
Where: Her apartment
Rating: Lets go with R, for language, and sexual themes.
Status: Incomplete.
Note: May be short replies, focusing mostly on the conversation.

What's worse? Chloe possesed by a demon or Chloe on Red K? )

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WHO: Sam & Ruby.
WHAT: Nothing good. Sam is on red kryptonite!
WHEN: Evening.
WHERE: Outskirts of Lawrence; then who knows where!

Live like you gonna die tomorrow; wild like you are the final flame. )

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Who: Damien Thorn
When: Afternoon
Where: Streets
What: Infection
Rating: PG-13
Status: Complete


He'd occasionally wondered what normal was like.. )

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Who: Christy and Billie Jenkins
What: The last time they'd seen each other seemed like hours ago
Where: A Starbucks not far from the apartments
When: 5th September 2009
Rating: TBD
Status: In Progress

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Who: Marian and Andrea
What: Looking after marian
When: Backdated to when she arrived (sorry I took so long)
Where: Library then who knows
Warnings: TBD

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Who: Booth and Buffy
What: Awkward complex random awkward times.
When: Day after the Kryptonite outbreak in the evening.
Where: the kitchen
Warnings; tba but probably none

The demon issue was a little bit above him, but he was trying and that had to count for something right? )

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Who: Kate and Adam!
What: How to trap a werewolf
When: Around 10pm
Where: McRandom Club, Lawrence
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete

it was too early to hunt )

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Who: Bart and Virgil
What: Um… Discussing Virgil’s newfound romantic interest?
Where: The Apartment (living room)
When: Evening
Rating: Lets say PG-13 (see: romantic interest)

it was a childish gesture, hiding )

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Who: Green Arrow and Robin
What: Distracting Red K!Tim. Keeping him from doing anything to badly maybe
When: not long after GA's challenge.
Where: Random rooftop in Lawrence!
Warnings: possible violence.

Tim Wayne couldn't remember the last time he acted like a kid his age. )

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Who: Auphe!Cal, Red-K'd Needy & Phoebe
Where: San Fransisco (and perhaps parts beyond)
What: Shopping spree and other shenanigans
When: Directly after portalling away from here
Warnings: None yet, will update as necessary.

He knew that they were attracting attention and he simply didn't care )

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Who: Star & Open
Where: 3rd floor hallway
When: Evening
What: Star's been silver-K'd for the past day, she's keeping an eye out for Terminators.
Warnings: None to low.

Her first order of business was going to be to buy a damn shotgun )
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