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February 1st, 2010

February 1st, 2010

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Who: Jack Harkness and OPEN
What: Jack needs something to do. This whole sitting around thing is for the birds.
When: Late night brooding.
Where: Around and about.
Rating: TBA

You take the roof. You're good on roofs. )

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WHO: Fred Burkle and Lorne
WHEN: Two days ago.
WHERE: Her apartment
WHAT: Hanging out, catching up. Lorne's missed his Freddikins.
Ratings: It's Lorne and Fred .... R. :-P PG
STATUS: Closed/Incomplete

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Who: Phoebe & Paige
When: Daytime
Where: Downtown
What: Shopping, what else?
Ratings: PG most likely, unless the two get to talking about guys ;-)
Status: Incomplete, closed

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