May 26th, 2021





The Game: No Exits

[info]noexits is a panfandom game that also accepts a limited amount of original characters and characters with previous game history. The university, similarly to a TARDIS, will travel to different worlds each week in character. Out of character, each plot lasts half a month and will span multiple genres and fandoms, including occasional horror elements.

Not sure where to start? Finding the perfect character to bring in can be tough. Below are a list of desired characters in the game that would have excellent lines with some great players.

Michael Burham

We've got a good mix of Star Trek folks, including Michael's BFF and fan favorite Tilly of Discovery to an genderswapped AU version of her sibling, Spock. We'd love to see someone take on this character. There's a lot going on in this game and someone who can keep folks calm and provide some additional leadership or security expertise would also be great!

Steve Rogers

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Just because Steve is gone from the MCU doesn't mean he's gone from our hearts. There's a Tony Stark from IM2 that's never met him! A Sam Wilson who's taken on the mantle of Cap! Bucky Barnes who's slowly moving away from his past. Natasha Romanov and Loki are also reeling from their post Infinity War fates. Any era of Steve is welcome. (The mod has a special fondness for Tiny Steve.) We'd love to see him!

Waverly Earp

Waverly, your big sis could use you. But not only that, Waverly is a super smart cookie and ray of sunshine. She'd do well in a game where smarts are sometimes needed, helping with research, but also being a teeny badass in her own right. She'd integrate into the game swimmingly. (And lbr, we wouldn't mind a Doc, either.)

Diego Hargreeves

We nearly have a complete set of your siblings, but plenty of other super heroic types that are more like minded with Diego's super heroism goals. (Ben and Luther are also available.) Siblings can make for a great landing pad while you learn the players and characters of the game and there is plenty of room to expand!

Geralt of Rivia

Both Jaskier and Yennefer are from canon points where their relationship with Geralt is not great. (You remember the dragon, right?) While the two have never been especially fond of one another before, they've had time to bond in game, which could inspire many grumbling "hmm"s and "fuck!"s for a Geralt. A book, videogame, or AU version of Geralt that blends canons would also fit in nicely here!