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7th August 2009

allthesevoices4:52pm: Who: Fenrir Greyback/Remus Lupin
What: Fenrir finds Remus chained by his parents
When: The morning after the full moon
Where: The shed outside the Lupin home/Fenrir's domain
Rating/Progress: TBD/In-Progress

He was tired. Laying on the floor of the shed, Remus stared up at the slats of ceiling. Tears trailed clean streaks from the corners of his eyes, leaving long white lines on a face made messy from blood and dirt. New scratches were on his face, his wrists and ankles mangled messes from where the cuffs had gouged his flesh.

The young boy looked not a werewolf, but a torture victim, with wounds that hadn't fully healed from the moons prior, and a body that was nearly starvation thin. For a few moments after he shifted back, the boy lay motionless, simply still as the tears drew lines of white over his temples, into his hair. Then he finally gasped, a low, miserable whine coming from his throat, staying as still as he could. He had perhaps an hour. Maybe more. And if he moved...if he moved it would only hurt more.


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18th April 2009

allthesevoices9:27pm: Who: Evan Rosier/Regulus Black
What: A rather unexpected first meeting
When: Post-epic fight with Stephen
Where: Random deserted corridor
Rating/Progress: TBA/In-Progress

He was fuming. He was furious, he was bitter, and though he refused to admit it, Evan was hurt. He'd never been so humiliated in his entire life, let alone at the hands of someone else. He'd trusted a part of himself to someone who had crushed it in their hands, and with cold determination he walked aimlessly through the castle, and promised himself one one would ever have the chance to do what Stephen had done. He was blind as he walked, feeling nothing but the ache of having wandered so long with nothing but the echo of his thoughts to keep him company. There was no destination. Somewhere in the back of his mind he realized he should go home, but the cold indifference of the castle was more welcoming, and the silence filled the empty part of his brain that refused rational thought. How long he'd been walking, he wasn't sure. He wasn't completely aware of anything. Not sound or sight or anything but...the hard surface of a sudden obstacle, sending him stumbling back, and his senses to sharply find the cause of the rude disruption with a frustrated snarl. What he found stopped him short, slamming his heart into the bottom of his throat as he moved to offer his hand to the fallen, obviously stunned boy who, he couldn't help but note, had the most beautiful, wide eyes he'd ever looked into, and couldn't look away.

"I'm...really sorry. Here, let me help you. Are you hurt?" It was an had to be.

29th March 2009

allthesevoices2:43pm: Who: Ayanna Dolohov/Evan Rosier
What: A day in the sun leads to new revelations
When: A make believe date
Where: The gardens of Rosier Manor
Rating/Progress: TBD/In-Progress

There'd not been a more perfect day than that of the Sunday which the rain had stopped and the sun danced with a lazy heat across the rows of plants nearly bursting with blossoms of every color from the gate to the farthest corner of the hedged lawn. The ground was springy, still damp from the night's showers, though the stones that wound through the landscape were dry and warm under his hands as he leaned back upon them and watched with a kind eye as Ayanna wandered with basket in hand gathering long stems with a pair of sharp clippers. The basket was already nearly overflowing with the ample bouquet, but he did not stop her happy task, but rather stayed quietly observant as he sat on the edge of the fountain which only so recently had been cleaned out in the middle of the small courtyard amongst the wild and lovely flora. "How easily you are entertained..." How odd a reflection it was to think of the small girl, barely a teen when she'd been brought to them, and now, on the brink of a woman, how utterly pure and unjaded she still remained. "You are truly your father's child."
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