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8th August 2008

thornbird11:46pm: fic: Vices of Virtue: Chapter One, Ius Primae Noctis
Title: Ius Primae Noctis

Authors: [info]thornbird, [info]tender_vitriol

Pairing: Lucius/Severus, some mention of Severus/Lily

Time Period: July 31, 1978

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Bad Scottish!:D Also first time, dub-con, anal sex, slash (obviously)

Summary: Lily gets married, and Lucius throws a party to divert Severus’s attention. When his friend doesn’t attend it, Lucius decides to personally go and check on him…

Notes: This is the first chapter of what we plan to be a long series. While some chapters will probably be PG-13, some will definitely not be suitable for the younger readers. The title, Ius Primae Noctis (also spelled Jus Primae Noctis) means “the right (law) of the first night”, and generally refers to the legal right of the lord of an estate to take the virginity of the estate’s virgins. The name of the custom (also known as Droit de Seigneur – “the lord’s right” in French) is used metaphorically here. Also, the Scottish dialect used for a few lines here is likely to be quite off the mark – we originally intended to write said lines in proper English, and just let the reader imagine they were in Scottish… But then we discovered the Scottie Translator and it was HILARIOUS!! We may refrain from using it in future though. Make sure you check it out here. We did try to make this fic as canon-compliant as possible.:)


Lucius paused and looked around. The narrow street was meandering between the high grey houses, and the light from the waning sun could barely reach the ground. Lucius cautiously drew his cape closer to himself so that it wouldn’t brush against the dirty walls, and started making his way between the piles of junk on the street. How, for Merlin’s sake did he get himself here, in this third class dunghill! Lucius’s jaw tightened at the thought of the boy’s ungratefulness. He had organised the party specially for his sake and had he appreciated it? – No! He would much rather humiliate himself, wallow in his self-pity, and disregard his dear friend and protector! And after all of this, Lucius still went on looking to see if the undeserving brat was all right! Lucius shook his head: Narcissa all too often told him he was too kind and noble.

He checked the parchment with the address he was holding; well, this had to be it – probably the most despicable of all houses he’d ever seen. He carefully took off his silk hand gloves, put them in the pockets of his cape and knocked on the front door. Sure enough, soon he heard steps, and the creature that opened the door and had some distant resemblance to a woman looked him up and down. She had most probably never set her eyes on such a fine gentleman in her life, Lucius though. After a few moments of shocked silence, she asked:

“An’ fa the heel ur ye?”

Lucius didn’t bother replying, but raised an eyebrow and let himself in, passing her at the doorway.

“Does Severus Snape reside here?” he asked without looking at the woman.

“Aye, the yoong gen’lman has bin livin’ haur fur coople a months noo, reit up at mah attic room – sic’ an honoor fur mah humble haem! He’s in his room noo, as a matter a fact he jist cam back—”

Lucius didn’t intend to stay listening to her ceaseless gibberish all day, and headed straight for the stairs. Alas, the female creature followed and went on blabbering.

“Oh, nae, Sirr, I’m afraid ye shooldn’t dae thes! Th' gen’lman said he didne wish tae be bothered! Ah awreddy tried tae ask heem tae come doon fur dinner, but he said he didn want tae see anybody!”

“Oh, he will see me!” Lucius said in a low voice and continued his way, leaving her behind. He stopped at the only door on the attic floor, and knocked resolutely.

“Go away! I told you to leave me alone!” Lucius heard the angry voice of the ‘yoong gen’lman’.

“Severus, it’s me.”

There was a moment of silence, then the door opened. The boy seemed startled and was somewhat paler than usual, Lucius noted.

“Lucius! I—didn’t expect you!” Severus stammered.

“Well, won’t you invite me in?” Lucius inquired.

“Sure! Please! Come in!” Severus was nervous, Lucius thought. He stepped in the hundred square feet space. A table with piles of books, a glimmering candle, and a single chair with Severus’s cape draped over its back, and a bed with a patched cover were the only furniture in the room. Severus snatched the cape away to make place.

“Please, sit down, Lucius.”

Lucius watched Severus hide the crumpled cape in an old suitcase quickly; in a moment he also kicked his shoes under the bed, but Lucius didn’t fail to notice that they were covered with mud.

“Well,” Lucius began cheerfully, “nice place you’ve found yourself here!” Severus flushed with embarrassment, and mumbled, without raising his eyes:

“I’ll try to find something better in future.”

“You know I would lend you more money, don’t ever hesitate to ask!”

“No; this was generous enough from you. I’ll pay you back as soon as I find myself some job.”

“So…” Lucius decided not to push it too much and to change the topic – he’d not come for this anyway. “How have you been doing lately?”

“Oh! Me? Fine! Really!” And Severus tried to arrange his features into a grin.

“I’m happy to hear that! I’ve been worried about you, you know.” And Lucius inclined his head, following Severus’s reaction closely. “Why didn’t you come to the party?”

“"I - I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to offend you! I - I was - busy!"!”

“Busy attending Lily Potter’s wedding?” asked Lucius with his kindest smile. He watched Severus blanch as if he’d seen a ghost, saw his feet giving way and his body collapsing on the bed.

“I – I didn’t want to, Lucius, honestly, I didn’t mean it! It’s just that—I don’t know! I just couldn’t resist it! I had to see it with my own eyes! To see her! And she was so beautiful! I don’t know why I did it! You should have seen her! She was glowing! Her eyes were sparkling! And no one saw me! I swear, Lucius, no one saw me! The Disguising charm worked really well! She looked so, so happy….”

Lucius listened to him praise the wretched Mudblood to the skies for a while, before he had had too much. He stood up and moved to sit down next to Severus, carefully putting his arm around the boy’s shoulders.

“Calm down, Severus,” he told him quietly and started stroking his back consolingly. “How many times have I told you she didn’t deserve you. You could do so much better than that Mudblood.”

“No! Don’t speak of her like—”

“She pretended to be a friend, and treated you how? She deserted you, Severus, when you most needed her. She went on and married the boy who tormented you at school, didn’t she? And you call this a friend? How could you still defend her, Severus? Do you think I would ever betray you? Haven’t I always helped you, protected you, in every way I was able to?” Severus looked at him, and turned his face away again immediately. “You know you deserve better than Lily Potter. It’s time to move on now. I will introduce you to the right people. I will always take care of you…” He raised his hand and gently caressed Severus’s cheek, forcing him to look Lucius in the eye. He was amazed and fascinated with the look of vulnerability in the boy’s eyes. He wanted to protect him and— He drew his head down and kissed him on the forehead. So helpless! So hopeless! He let his lips travel down Severus’s face and reach his lips. He felt him flinch in surprise, but it was too late to stop now.

Severus tried to tear his face away and speak:

“Lucius, what—” But Lucius didn’t allow him to speak and put a finger on his lips.

“Hush,” Lucius whispered in his right ear, trying to lower Severus’s defenses. He kissed his ear, then proceeded to kiss his neck. He felt Severus trying to escape, trying to understand what was happening. Lucius looked into his eyes.

“There is nothing to be afraid of, dear,” Lucius said and pulled his head towards himself in a gentle yet demanding way. He tasted his lips and felt the boy trembling in his arms. In this moment he knew – he had never been kissed before. The sense of power was intoxicating. His tongue caressed Severus’s lips, demanding entrance. The slight resistance only made it feel better. His tongue found its way in; the boy tasted so good. Lucius’s kisses grew more and more hungry by the second, and finally he felt the boy surrender. Sensing his victory, he started directing Severus’s tongue and lips.

As Lucius deepened the kiss, his left hand slid down Severus’s chest slowly. It reached the tail of his shirt and hovered over the waistband for a moment. Then he cautiously slipped his hand under the dark cotton shirt, and let it trail back upwards. Severus’s breath hitched when Lucius’s fingers brushed over one of his nipples, then he repeated the motion, caressing the nub until he felt it harden. He increased the pressure on his chest, pushing the boy to lie down on the bed. He then undid the lowest button on Severus’s shirt, and continued his way upwards.

“Lucius, I’ve never—” the boy tried to explain, as if Lucius didn’t know already! He couldn’t suppress a satisfied grin.

“Don’t worry, I will teach you.” Lucius tried to make his words sound as reassuring as possible. He stood up, took out his wand from his inside pocket and waved it toward the door, locking it and rendering the room soundproof. He turned back to Severus whose eyes were fixed on the locked door.

“Take off your jeans, Severus.” Lucius watched his hands fumble with the buckle of the belt, the button and the zipper. His face turned towards the wall, the boy put his feet on the bed for leverage, lifted his pelvis and pulled down his black Muggle jeans.

“And now the boxers,” Lucius prompted him. The boy looked at him hesitantly. “Do it, Severus!” Lucius ordered, enjoying the feeling of total control over Severus when he obeyed him. Deeply flushed, embarrassed, he raised his knees slightly, and tried to cover himself with his hands.

Lucius smiled leniently, taking in the sight of Severus’s pale, lean body, and began unfastening the laces of his embroidered cape. Attentively, he folded it and put it on the back of the chair.

“Look at me,” Lucius requested and started slowly unbuttoning his white silk shirt. When he took it off, he noted the mix of excitement and fear in Severus’s eyes, which only served to make him harder. He set one foot on the chair, and pulled off his left dragon-leather boot, then the right one. By the time Lucius had stripped his linen trousers, he saw Severus’s whole body was trembling.

“Are you cold?” Lucius asked gently, though he didn’t really expect a reply. “It’s alright, I’ll make you warmer.” He reached out and took one of the boy’s hands, held it between his palms for a second, then guided it towards his black briefs and ran it over his hard member. The hand moved so easily over the smooth silk! Cissy’s taste for fabrics was truly exquisite, he thought. He moaned as the warm fingers pressed against his flesh through the thin material. “I want you,” he managed to utter. He glided Severus’s hand into his briefs, so that it was finally wrapped around his manhood. Lucius hooked his fingers under the elastic, and lowered his underwear. Severus immediately retreated his hand, staring in horror at the huge member, which sent a tingle of pleasure down Lucius’s spine. The boy tried to look away, but Lucius wouldn’t have this.

“No!” he said firmly.

Not tearing his eyes away from Severus’s, Lucius lay down next to him on the narrow bed. He leaned slightly over the boy and cupped his face.

“I’ll be gentle with you,” he promised, and Severus let out a shaky breath. He leaned in even further and brushed his lips against Severus’s again. He kissed him as slowly and tenderly as he could, until he felt the boy relax – for the first time Severus seemed to enjoy the kisses, even tried to answer them – shyly and clumsily, but nevertheless responding. He let his hand trail over his protеgе’s hairless chest, feeling the jackrabbit beat of his heart; his breathing was still fast, but he was no longer shaking. Lucius let go of his lips for a second:

“See? I told you you’ll get warmer,” he smiled and leaned back down to capture his lips again. His hand slipped further down, caressing his stomach, then the inner side of his thighs, and then finally his cock. He felt the boy’s breath hitch sharply and he gave a choked moan inside Lucius’s mouth. Lucius pulled expertly at his cock a few times, jerking it to full hardness, and proceeded to kiss him on the neck and down the boy’s chest. He released his member and brought his hand back up, pushing the shirt off Severus’s left shoulder, and pulling at his sleeve, releasing his arm. Lucius worked in his right hand under the boy’s back, pushing him towards the wall, until he had rolled him on his stomach. He then took Severus’s shirt completely off and threw it aside.

He moved to stand behind the boy, who was lying prone with his face buried in the thin pillow, his arms folded under his chest protectively. This wouldn’t do, Lucius thought, and put his arm under Severus’s chest, trying to raise him up a little. The boy wouldn’t budge, though, he was clutching at the bed sheets as if for dear life. Lucius sighed, and put his hands firmly on Severus’s thighs, pushing them apart. He reached for his wand and, parting his cheeks, Lucius set the tip of the wand at the boy’s hole and murmured a lubrication spell. Severus gave a start, trying to pull away instinctively.

“Calm down, Severus. I’m only trying to prepare you. Now hold still!” And carefully Lucius placed his forefinger at Severus’s entrance, and pushed it in slowly but relentlessly, in spite of the muscle’s resistance. The boy gasped and buried his face even deeper into the pillow. Lucius moved the finger in and out a few times, and added a second one. This time Severus bit his pillow so as to choke the pained whimper he involuntarily let out.

“Relax,” Lucius ordered sternly, trying not to think right now what the tight heat would feel around his cock. “You’re only making this harder for yourself.” Severus seemed to hear the order, because he tried to slow down his breathing, and Lucius could move his fingers more freely, scissoring them inside the boy’s arse, so that he could stretch him as much as he could. After a minute of careful ministrations, Lucius withdrew his hand and coated his cock with the remains of the lube on his fingers. He climbed over Severus and brushed the hair out of his face, tucked it behind his right ear, and whispered:

“I’m going to raise you up a little, so it would be easier for you,” Lucius said and grabbed the boy’s slender arms and pulled them from under his body, then slipped an arm under his chest and raised him, this time successfully. He steadied Severus on his elbows, and moved his arm further down to the boy’s stomach, so he could also raise the lower part of his body. When Severus finally stood on his hands and knees Lucius kissed him on the neck.

“Hey,” he stroked his hair soothingly, “don’t you know I care for you? You’ll like it, you’ll see. Trust me.” And he pecked Severus’s ear playfully.

He raised himself somewhat, took his cock in hand and positioned it at the boy’s entrance. With his hand firmly set on Severus’s waist, he finally pushed the tip inside; Wow, that was tight! Impatiently, he sank about half of his length in one thrust into the boy, forcing him open. He heard Severus scream over the wave of pleasure that took over him. He’d never, ever, been inside anyone, woman or man, or Muggle, this tight in his life!

“Oh Merlin!” Lucius exclaimed.

He felt Severus shift under him, trying to pull away and fold into himself again. Lucius bended down, his chest pressed to Severus’s back, and grabbed the boy’s wrists, holding him in place. He withdrew his cock a little, then slammed it even deeper into Severus, who was biting back his cries, his face twisted in pain. Dear Lord – he’d forgotten how good it felt to be with a virgin – and he’d never been with a boy that has been untouched before! With a little training he would be perfect!

“Breathe, Severus!” Lucius reminded sharply, and the boy let out a whimper, then bit his lip again. His back was shaking, and Lucius stroked it a few times, not as gently as before, but nevertheless feeling the muscle around his cock relax somewhat. Lucius proceeded to push in and out of him, gripping his hands as hard as he could. Severus cried out again and again in spite of his attempts to stay quiet, and Lucius slowed down a little. He let go of one of Severus’s hands and reached under the boy, taking hold of his now soft cock.

Severus gasped, with surprise, and – this time – pleasure. Still slowly thrusting inside the boy, Lucius gently stroked his cock to hardness again. He changed the angle slightly so he could hit his prostate, and Severus groaned.

“Yes…” Lucius moaned himself. “That’s it. You like it, don’t you? I told you you’d like it. I knew it! Merlin, Severus! You feel so good!”

The boy continued to whimper as Lucius was thrusting into him; Severus tried to raise one hand to push the fist into his mouth so he would mute the sounds he was making, but Lucius immediately let go of his cock, grabbed the straying hand and shoved it roughly back on the bed.

“No! I want to hear you!”

Severus moaned again, with something akin to despair, but the subtle notes of pleasure and pain were still audible. Lucius got back to pump the boy’s cock and plunge inside him, trying to brush against his prostate with every thrust and speeding up the movements of his hand. Hardly a minute later he felt the boy’s body shudder and somehow jerk inwards, saw his back arch beneath him, and with a final cry Severus came over Lucius’s hand and over his own stomach. Seeing Severus’s pleasure, Lucius let out a groan of satisfaction and, impossibly, felt his shaft grow even thicker inside the boy. Severus’s arse contracted around his cock, pulsing and getting even tighter, driving Lucius mad with desire.

As if in slow motion, he felt Severus’s hands and knees go weak, until both had tumbled down on the bed. Lucius grasped Severus mercilessly around the chest with both arms, clutching him as close to his body as possible. He increased the speed of his thrusts again, pressing the boy into the mattress, the pursuit of completion the only thing left on his mind. Severus wrapped his arms around Lucius’s, holding on to him as if to save himself from drowning. Lucius drove into him harder and harder, trying to push all eight inches in, his balls slapping the boy’s arse with every piercing thrust.

“H-hurts!” Severus wheezed out. Lucius could only grunt in response, close to Severus’s ear and gripped his body even stronger. Lucius’s head was spinning, all blood surging to that one place, his thrusts becoming wilder and faster and more erratic. Taking over the boy, possessing him, devouring him!

“Yes!” Lucius screamed. “You’re mine! Mine!”

He could feel himself getting closer and closer to the edge, until it just too much to bear – without thinking he leaned in and sank his teeth in the juncture where Severus’s neck met his shoulder, and shot his seed deep inside the boy’s body, marking him as his own. He couldn’t tell how much time had passed, whether it had been only a moment or an eternity, all he knew was the heavenly feeling of release, the liquid pleasure in which he could drown. In what seemed like years he regained his composure slightly, and withdrew his jaw from the boy’s neck; he had drawn blood, it tasted like sweet, delicious liquor in his mouth. Severus was lying motionless, flat against the bed under Lucius’s weight, no longer making any noises, save for his heavy breathing. Lucius took a few gulps of oxygen himself and slowly pulled out of the tight channel, eliciting a painful little whimper from Severus. He raised himself gingerly and rolled to lie on his back next to the boy.

“Wow!” Lucius exclaimed, still slightly out of breath. “That was amazing!”

Severus didn’t answer and Lucius glanced at him. He was still not moving at all, body tense, staring unblinkingly at the crumpled pillow, almost trying not to breathe, and Lucius saw traces of tears running down his face but the boy seemed oblivious to the fact.

“Calm down, my dear,” Lucius whispered. “We’re done now.”

It seemed to take awhile until the boy registered the words and blinked. Lucius felt him trying to move a little towards the wall and away from Lucius. He heard Severus give a quiet sob when he tried to curl into himself. Lucius continued to just lie for a minute, resting, then also rolled sideways towards the boy, pressing his chest firmly to Severus’s back, then put his arm around him tenderly.

“Are you alright?” he asked. Severus made an inarticulate, non-committal sound. Lucius stroked his thin bicep consolingly, and the boy took several deeper breaths, closing his eyes. Lucius continued to caress his arm and shoulder until the rise and fall of Severus’s chest became more even. “It will be better tomorrow. You did very well, dear, very well,” he cooed. “You’ll see, I'll take care of you, just as I said. Remember I promised to introduce you to some people? I want you to meet someone tomorrow... Someone really special... who can change your life for good! Just wait for me at sunset. I’ll come and get you.”

But how much the boy had heard Lucius didn’t know, because Severus seemed to be dozing off already; there was still a grimace of pain on his face, but the complete exhaustion was obviously winning out in the end. In a minute or two his features relaxed and with Lucius’s protective arm around him he fell asleep. For a second Lucius’s heart melted at the sight of the sleeping boy. He looked so fragile, so innocent still... Well! He had already protracted his visit for too long!

He slowly withdrew his arm from around the boy, careful so as not to wake him up - he had coddled Severus enough for one night. He moved away from the boy’s back and got up from the bed – as he did so, Severus turned in his sleep to lie on his stomach.

Lucius felt filthy, all covered in sweat and fluids; he needed to do something about that immediately. He picked the boy’s shirt up from the floor and wiped his thighs and cock with it, then discarded it. He recovered his wand from the bed and waved it at himself, disposing of even the last trace of sweat and the smell of sex.

Only then did he slip his briefs and the linen trousers back on, then the light shirt, and finally the boots. With great care he unfolded his cape and fastened it around his neck and shoulders. He put the wand back in his inside pocket where it belonged.

He let his gaze sweep over the boy one last time. There were marks and bruises on his arms where Lucius had gripped him, and the wound on his shoulder was still open. More bruises were visible on his thighs, which inner side was smeared with blood. His backside was sore as if whipped, and there was semen leaking from inside him, which also had a reddish tinge. There was an unmistakable flutter in Lucius’s stomach, yet he couldn’t help feeling somewhat unsettled at the sight of the battered body. He lifted the blanket which he and Severus had kicked at their feet, and covered the boy with it.

As he did so, Severus’s abominable Muggle jeans fell to the floor. Ugh. He couldn’t present him tomorrow dressed like that. The boy definitely needed new clothes – Lucius would take care of that, of course, just like he did of everything else. Luckily, he had some robes left from when he had been a teenager, which were decent enough even if the House elves had spoiled them a little with the washing. He had intended to donate them for charity or just throw them away; now he was going to give them to Severus – Lucius smiled at this brilliant idea of his. Hm, maybe he should have also warned Severus to wash his hair tomorrow – ah well, this would have to do for now.

With a shrug of his shoulders, Lucius turned and left the attic room. At the stairs he met Severus’s fat landlady.

“Sirr?” she addressed him with an ugly, sycophantic smile. “Can ah help ye wi’ anythin’?”

“No, I’ll be on my way,” Lucius said curly.

“An’ the yoong gen’lman? Hoo is he?”

“Ah…” Lucius’s lips curled somewhat. “He’s a bit ill, but he’ll get better soon enough.”

“Oh, naethin’ serioos ah shoods hoope!

Lucius stared at her. He could tell by the eagerness of her tone and the gleam in her eyes that she had finally recognized him; most probably from the cover of some gossip magazine. Lucius’s fame with the ladies certainly hadn’t diminished, even after he had got married.

“No, but don’t bother him tonight. He’s asleep.” Lucius fumbled in his pocket and took some silver sickles out of a small bag. “Take these. And make sure you cook something nice for him! I will come by to see him tomorrow night.”

He smiled inwardly when he saw her eyes bulging at the sight of the money. Perhaps he’d been too generous – well, it didn’t hurt showing kindness to the less fortunate from time to time. He left her staring after him and made his way out of the house. Cissy was probably asleep by now, he mused and with that last thought he turned on his heel and Disapparated into the night.
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