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Oct. 15th, 2008


Tag to Michael!

Who: Alicia Spinnet, Michael Corner, anyone else who wants to help or laugh at them!
Where: Field outside Hogsmeade
When: Oct 15, 
What: Big people, little brooms.

Oct. 14th, 2008


Wizarding Today excerpt - October 14th 2003 )

Oct. 8th, 2008


Tag to Tracey :)

WHO Tracey Davis & Aidan Chambers.
WHERE Aidan's flat. London.
WHEN Wednesday evening.
WHAT Aidan tries to woo Tracey and starts by cooking dinner. This might not have been one of his better ideas.

by the way, was the meat supposed to look so scorched? And that weird sparkly thing the potatoes displayed couldn't be right... )

Oct. 2nd, 2008


Tagging Tracey

Who: Tracey Davis and Theodore Nott.
Where: Aki Sushi. (OOC note: :-) Oddly enough there's a sushi place with that name close to where I live... Good choice in names Aurora. ;P)
When: Wednesday 8:00pm.
What: Theodore's attempt at setting Tracey's life straight.

Sushi...isn't quite his staple. )

Sep. 30th, 2008


Who: Remus, Nymphadora, and Max Lupin
Where: The Lupin residence
When: Tuesday night
What: Family chit-chat time

One, two, three... )

Sep. 29th, 2008


Who: Megan and Roger
What: Flying! And hopefully not falling to her death
When: Morning
Where: Roger's place

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. )

Sep. 28th, 2008


Tag Bredina!

Who: Bredina Dunstan, Alicia Spinnet
What: Alicia comes over for toad water and brings ice cream in exchange
When: September 28
Where:  Bredina's flat

Sep. 25th, 2008


Who: Pansy Parkinson, Seth Moon
What: Dinner between friends...and a small child.
When: Wednesday, September 24, 2003; Evening (Backdated)
Where:  Pansy's flat, for now

Pansy was running behind, once again.  She'd planned on getting home by four that afternoon to make sure everything was kosher for that evening.  Liam surprisingly adored Seth and it had been awhile since either of them had seen Seth.  Unfortunately, business had run over and it was 6:15 when she'd arrived home, a mere 45 minutes before Seth would be there.

Pansy had owled Mathilde to have Liam ready by the time she got home, which saved her at least a little bit of time that she could use to get herself ready.  She whipped her hair up in a loose french twist, tendrils of hair falling around her face.  She changed from her work robes into black leggings with a short green dress over top.  She pulled out her long gold medallion with the green emerald her mum and dad had bought her when she'd started Hogwarts so many years ago and used that to finish off her outfit.  For a quick fix, she was pleased with her appearance.

Now, she was sat on the living room floor with Liam doing a puzzle.  Her son was so smart for his age, she thought.  She had a proud smile fixated upon her lips.

Sep. 24th, 2008


Who: Roger Davies and Seth Moon
Where: Aquabar VIP Booth
When: Evening
What: Seth ropes Roger into some risky business.


"Roger Davies."

Refusing to make eye contact with Roger, the bouncer lifted up the velvet rope and allowed Roger to pass while a few witches at the front of the line followed him with their eyes longingly. The exclusivity of the lounge was certainly reflected in the atmosphere-- no loud witches or wizards here. Just really... intoxicated ones silently going on each other in corners while bartenders wrapped stems of martini glasses with unicorn braids.

Heading to the back where the private VIP booths were, Roger got a hostess to direct him to Seth Moon's booth. Parting the sound proof curtain, I wonder what people really use sound proofing for here, Roger found Seth Moon lounging quite contentedly in his little luxurious hovel.

"Can I get you something?" the hostess flashed a pretty smile.

"Uh... water with a lime."


Roger ignored her and sat down across from Seth.



Tag to Lee!

Who: George Weasley and Lee Jordan
Where: Stellar Lounge
When: Evening
What: George and Lee bond, or something. Whatever boys do.

It was a good while after George had agreed to meet Lee at Stellar for drinks. Weeks, in fact. It had taken him that long to drag himself out of his funk enough to stand the company of someone other than his brother. He still wasn't in the best of spirits, but he worried about what Lee might do to him in he didn't take him up on his offer soon.

Following instructions, he walked past the line at the front door and moved around to the back, letting himself inside. Luckily, before his descent into hermithood, he'd spent enough time around the lounge with Lee that he knew most of the staff so no one gave him a problem. He asked around, and after getting the answer "He was right here just a second ago!" from just about everyone, set off to find Lee on his own. Hopefully it didn't take him too long; he already felt like he needed a drink.

Sep. 23rd, 2008


RP Thread - Seth and Tracey

Who: Seth Moon and Tracey Davis
When: Evening, Sept 23
Where: La Luna
What: Old flames meet up

Tracey was late, as usual. She didn't usually mean to be late, but time just had a way of getting away from her. There was always something more to do - a different dress to try on in case it worked better for the evening than the one she'd originally picked, or a few chipped nail colours to repair, or a scalp massage that was absolutely necessary before she went out. Sometimes she did mean to be late, just to make sure that whoever was waiting for her was well and ready to appreciate her presence by the time she arrived. This was one such instance. And when she finally arrived at the popular club, she made sure that everyone noticed.


Who: Daphne and Seth
What: Lunch date
Where: Daphne's home and then restaurant
When: Lunchtime :]
Rating: TBD

Lovers went to dinner. Friends went to lunch. )

Sep. 21st, 2008


[Owl to Aidan Chambers]

A particularly snappy fellow of the order Strigiformes--a long eared owl to be exact. Takes a few jabs at its recipient with its beak, and looks at him carefully waiting for the note to be read. )


Tag to Maddy! ^_^

Who: Terry Boot and Maddy Summers
What: Terry takes Aidan's advice of taking time off, goes out and runs into Maddy and her kids.
Where: Museum.
When: Early afternoon.

After much persuading by Aidan, Terry was finally convinced to take some time off of work to get himself back on track. He was doing his best, though his appetite still wasn't completely there and he had trouble sleeping sometimes. At least he managed to put himself off of smoking after a couple days of pure, painful willpower and force. Slowly but surely he was feeling better.

Terry had woken up that morning feeling surprisingly refreshed and decided some time out of the house would be good for him. He took a long walk through the park, sat for a while before deciding to go home, and had somehow, in the midst of all that, managed to find himself in the nearest museum. It didn't really bother him, though, considering history was one of his passions.

Once admitted into the building, Terry made his way through the halls, mesmerized by everything he saw.


Who: Daphne Greengrass & Aidan Chambers.
Where: Near the Ministry of Magic.
When: Around noon.
What: The good old-fashioned random encounter. Spiced up with sneers, disdain and prejudices. On both sides, of course.

Truth be told, Aidan hated paperwork and everything that was remotely connected to that dreaded subject. Such as getting the documents he needed to hand in to his superiors at St.Mungo's in order to get an official 'invite' to partake in his exams. As if the way he spent the last few years of his life weren't indication enough, no – they needed even more formalities to waste his time with.

Having finally obtained the aforementioned documents, Aidan all but fled the Ministry not slowing down until he was a good few paces away when he noticed that his shoe laces were open, forcing the Ravenclaw to a halt. Giving the Ministry another dark look – they were the keepers of the bureaucracy that made his life so complicated, after all! - Aidan bent down to tie his shoes laces.


Who: Megan and Alicia
What: Megan is sulking
Where: Pub
When: A few hours until closing

Please drink responsibly. )

Sep. 20th, 2008


Who: Hermione Granger and Pansy Parkinson
What: Hermione researching on various things for the DA.
Where: Ministry, where files are stored.
When: Afternoon.

Hermione skimmed her fingers across the tabs of the folders on the shelves, looking for any that could help provide her further enlightenment. She was trying to find as much information as possible on the Renegades, suspected members, known Death Eaters on the run and anything else she might find that could be useful.

Finally she found a rather interesting file on a list of Death Eaters noted during the First War. Not notice anyone around or any hearing anyone approach, Hermione became totally engrossed in the names and which she recognized. "This could be very useful..." She said to herself as she scanned the list.


Who: Parvati Malfoy and Daphne Greengrass
Where: Orchids Tea Leaves Charity Tea Party for Illiteracy
When: September 20th 2003
What: These girls do not like one another

As the Orchids' prized future pledge (Though not a member as she was still one year too young), Parvati Malfoy had been having a surprising amount of fun at the charity tea party. Though she HAD always thought the Orchids were the establishment to be involved with, she was plenty aware that they were all fairly stuffy and much too traditional for her liking. No matter. She would change that all when she was a part of it.

The auction had just finished, and most were making their way into the beautifully done up hall for a spot of high tea. Explaining her husband's noticeable absense (he still had a spot of the flu, her poor Dragon) to some of the older upperclass women, Parvati bashfully showed off the blinding sapphire ring Draco had bought her the other week.

"Oh, yes, it was such a lovely surprise. It was a gift for filling in as his secretary the last few months. It's been so much fun, though the new girl will be starting soon-"

Brown eyes sharpened as she noticed a certain former Slytherin join the group of women.

Sep. 17th, 2008


Tag to Terry :)

Who: Terry Boot & Aidan Chambers.
Where: Terry's flat.
What: Aidan is still obstinate and brings over all the things he ever borrowed from Terry to 'officially' terminate their friendship. He gets a surprise.
When: Afternoon.
Rating: TBD.
Status: Closed. Incomplete.

It felt weird to think that the remains of their friendship could so easily be wrapped up in a neat little box. There were a few books, some music, a brightly coloured shirt (Aidan still recalled the party after which Terry lent him the shirt all-too-vividly) and for some reason a pair of chopsticks. That was all that was left of their friendship.

Aidan swallowed nervously and tried to focus in the lingering anger but it didn't help. He felt horrible. Guilty. Betrayed. Too judgemental. Lied to. Truth be told, he had no bloody clue what he felt and only wanted to get things over with.

The Irishman sighed, angrily pulled a strand of hair behind his ear (which immediately fell into his face again) and knocked on the door to Terry's flat. He was going to shove the box into Terry's hands and leave. Simple, right?

Sep. 14th, 2008


Who: Pansy Parkinson and Anyone Else
What:  Pansy stops for a sandwich and drink before heading home.
When: Sunday Evening; September 14, 2003
Where: A pub just on the far side of Diagon Alley called Ye Olde Pub. A great place for drinks and food.
Rating: G
Status: Incomplete

Late, again.  Her boss had owled her in earlier that afternoon, on a Sunday.  She was supposed to take Liam shopping for a kitten and her plans had been canceled.  If that was not enough to out her on edge, the fact that it was now past Liam's bedtime and she was just heading home was.

She sighed as she disapparated in front of the Ministry and apparated in front of the small pub near her house.  Her luck, Mathilde would already be asleep and not able to make her dinner.  It was better not to risk it and just stop for food before going home.  A drink, right about now, would be useful, too.

She walked in and took at seat at the nearly empty bar and ordered a glass of elderflower wine and a roast chicken sandwich.  As the barkeep set off to fill her order, she shrugged off her rich, green traveling cloak and hung it over the back of her chair.

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