September 2nd, 2008

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OWL to Seamus Finnigan

OWL to Seamus Finnigan )

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WHO: Lavender Brown, Bredina Dunstan, Michael Corner.
WHAT: Random lunch.
WHEN: Afternoonish
WHERE: Small restaurant outside Diagon Alley.

She knew what she had done was wrong, but it was necessary. )

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Tag to Terry! :)

Who: Terry Boot & Aidan Chambers.
Where: Starts out at the Leaky, then continues at an abandoned warehouse.
When: September 2nd. Late afternoon.
What: Terry and Aidan try and push Project: Revive the DA a bit further. Without being drunk this time.

Even though it had been but a few days, it felt like a lifetime ago that Aidan had last seen his best friend and – over a few shared pints – they had come to their fateful decision. )