August 9th, 2008

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Headlines from August 8th 2003

Antidote to Magic Loss Available!

A potential antidote to the loss of magic in witches has been created after information was provided on the potion used to create it by Mollie MacFerson, one of the perpertrators currently under arrest (See below).

All witches are asked to head to the nearest hospital to take the first dose. Side effects are mostly unknown, but thought to not be serious, including tiredness. Some witches may be unable to regain magic from a single dose, needing multiple spaced out over a few weeks.

Dr. Kapur, head of the team that worked the last 48 hours creating the potion, notes that it is the single, most satisfying project he has worked on in his 45 years in the Antidote department of St. Mungo's Potions and Poisons Faculty. "It was an exhausting time, but given the duress felt by the women suffering the magicloss, we were all eager to finish it as soon as - {con't on pg 2A}

Five Arrests in Magic Loss Case

Following a storm of speculation over the last two weeks, Mollie MacFerson, president of the Foundation of Squib Integration, confessed to orchestrating the mysterious loss of magic from over 60 witches alongside Johnson Flightweather. Flightweather and three accomplices laced boxes of champagne with a potion known to cause a temporary loss of magic. MacFerson admitted that the potion was supposed to work on both witches and wizards, but due to a substitution, seemed to mainly effect witches, causing a permanent state of magic loss. All involved have been arrested and are being charged with over 10 counts for each victim including abuse, deception, treason - {con't on pg 3A}