July 9th, 2008

[info]groovygeorge in [info]veritaserum_rp

Who: George and Megan
Where: Megan's place.
When: Afternoon.
What: George helps Megan set up wards, anything else tba.

George felt like a right git for taking so long to visit Meg and set up wards around her home. She was going to be moving soon! Still, she could use them until she moved out, he supposed... though then she'd have to put up with Seamus, so he wasn't really sure she'd be that much safer.

To make up for his lateness he'd brought her a present; some completed Magma Melties and a nice assortment of candy from Honeydukes. He just had to be careful not to get the two mixed up. Holding his small package up, he knocked on the door. He just hoped she wasn't too angry with him.