July 6th, 2008

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Off work - Open

Who: Pansy Parkinson, open
What: Pansy's just getting out of work, it's getting late...
When: July 6th
Where: Outside Abberly Advertising

She stupidly declined the offer a fellow co-worker brought forth to walk her home. Said she'd be fine. It wasn't far, not quite. But this particular night, as she left the building at the honeysuckled hour of seven o' clock; the night clamoring down around her in spills of black around the spots of streetlight, it seemed like she was at the start of the Great Wall of China. Like she had a journey ahead of her.

Apprehending her breathing to a steadier pace, she clutched at her designer Moonshine bag and was intensely aware of the click of her heels against the pavement. Where was everybody?

Of course, she knew. With the rising scare of witches being kidnapped, no one wanted to take chances. Even though the advertising building was highly upscale, the area surrounding it was a little more bourgeois.

Now, as she walked, she wanted to believe her mind was playing tricks on her, that she wasn't hearing another lonely soul's footsteps in accord with her own. Her grip tightened even more. Why did her stupid wand have to fail her..

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As sent to the families of the missing women

Blood is thicker than water, and it's time for all blood traitors to be aware of this. Your precious one is with us, and until we receive just rewards, they shall not be returned safely. A soldier of the cause will be in touch soon with your options. Any disobedience in this matter will result in your loved one being slowly killed. Or worse, of course.

Yours in blood,
The Renegades

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Headline from July 6th 2003

Missing Women Total Five

With the sudden disapperance of one Ms. Calypso Merryweather, a witch of pureblood descent betrothed to Alberto Pucey, prominent cauldron businessman, the number of kidnapped women has reached an alarming value of five within the last two weeks. The Ministry notes that they have set all their resources to finding these women, releasing the following statement:

"It has come to our attention that it is possible that the vanishing of these women may be related to deatheater movement due to minor evidence found in the ransom letters received by the distraught families. This is not a reason to panic, as the Ministry is increasing its guard number and implementing auror patrols all about wizarding areas. We have it covered"

A curfew has been temporarily implemented for witches from 11pm to 6am. All institutions will be fined if they force any witch to work within those hours. Unfortunately, it seems that - Con't on P A1

Magic loss at all time high

The number of witches reporting a loss of magic has reached 78 (wizards reporting quirky magic is at 15), though no new cases have shown up in the last two days. Investigators are requesting detailed personal history from all witches suffering from the plight in order to pinpoint a possible cause. Wizards who have found their magic acting wildly should also report to their nearest hospital and provide such a history as well.

Bertha Pumpkinny, a halfblooded witch who lost her magic two weeks ago, is not pleased. "It's an epidemic and we still are no closer to figuring out the problem? The Ministry has been putting all their resources toward finding those poor missing witches, but if they hadn't been lacking magic in the first place, this wouldn't have happened! There needs to be a focus on prevention! It's ridiculous how - Con't on P A3

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Adrian's - tag to santa

Who Christopher and Adrian
Where Adrian's
When Late night
What Angst

Christopher couldn't stand it as he sat between his two brothers facing his a barrage of family members. The sympathetic looks and the whispers, and them all touching his hands, shoulders. Everybody was acting as if his wife was already dead, and Christopher could not stand it. Making a lousy, half-assed excuse, Christopher goes to the washroom. He hadn't told them yet about the price of getting Sally-Ann back, but he had already started to prepare. His parents thought he was going through a stage of grief, but that was not the reason why Christopher sold their summer cottage for a reason, and his best racing broom.

He faced himself in the mirror, looking a little worse for wear. Even through the other side of a door, he could still hear the hushed whispers, and then he was standing outside of another house. Christopher hadn't meant to apparate, but now he was here- Standing awkwardly, tired, and weary outside of his friend's house, Christopher knocked.