June 19th, 2008

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Headlines from June 18th 2003

Headlines from June 18th 2003 )

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Who: Hermione Granger and Theodore Nott
When: Afternoon
Where: Cafe
What: Talking, discussing everything going on.
Status: Complete

The small Cafe was nicely distanced between work and Hermione's flat. It was quiet, had couches, padded chairs and tables throughout the room. It would be the perfect place for a poetry reading. Hermione had sat herself in a corner, barely visible, curled up in an over sized armchair. Her hair was down, the usual strands falling into her eyes. She was paler than usual and her eyes didn't have their lively glint. If asked, she would say it was because of work; her Department had been all over the case concerning Mafalda Hopkirk, trying to decipher the whole situation and see if anything illegal had been the cause of the mishap. In reality, however, Hermione hadn't been feeling well at all, and was having trouble sleeping the past few nights.

The whole scene with Ron at the luncheon had really thrown her for a loop; things had gone extremely bad, and just the thought of the whole thing made her nauseated. She felt horrible about what had happened. Maybe it was wrong of her to even think of asking him to the Luncheon, and things with Ron and her just weren't suppose to happen. Maybe he was meant to be with someone like Lavender, a beautiful girl who didn't have many inhibitions and just had fun. If that was true Hermione wasn't sure if she could handle it; it would be too painful to watch, and no doubt he'd flaunt what he had.

Hermione sighed and sipped her tea, not noticing anyone else in the Cafe.