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[Mar. 2nd, 2008|08:51 am]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Bill Turner and the Flying Dutchman
What: A meeting.
Where: A cafe in London
When: Afternoon
Rating: TBA
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[Feb. 29th, 2008|09:25 am]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Will Turner and The Flying Dutchman
What: Visit to a sick friend
When: After this post
Where: Dutchman's apartment.
Warnings: None that I can think of, other than possible swearing?

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone... )
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[Feb. 5th, 2008|09:21 pm]
[Tags|, , , , , , , ]

Who: Cass, Dom, Luna, Muse, Dutchman, Rachel, and Pansy
When: Apocalypse plot.
Where: Everywhere and your mom.
Why: To show what they were up to, I suppose.

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