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[Oct. 5th, 2008|07:29 pm]

Who: Sophie Stark and a house full of Teenagers EVERYBODY'S INVITED. Unless you're not a teenager or college student. Then, you're not invited.
What: A party. Sophie's finally got a superhero name and she wants to celebrate goddamn it!
Where: Stark Central.
When: It's last minute but it's gonna be happenin!
Warnings: It's a party. Who knows? But leave a comment and mingle!

For normal people, last minute parties would be a total hassle; full of stress and frustration. Not for Sophie and Bella though. Jarvis easily helped out with setting up the sound system and setlist and Bella's magic was aces at moving the furniture around and freeing up space for massive amounts of people to mingle and dance as they wished.

Now, all the two of them needed was for people to start showing up.
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[Aug. 27th, 2008|07:18 pm]
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Who: Kirk Lazarus, Rena Stark, Tony Stark, Sophie Stark
Where: Stark Mansion
When: Wednesday evening
Why: Fun times with the quirky Aussie!
Rating: R for the language at least.

Why in the hell was he letting his wife invite the guy who looked like him to their house anyway?  One might say Tony Stark was pretty whipped at this point, but he really didn't care.  Most would have found it weird to hang out with their doppelgangers, though Tony would probably end up more amused than most.  Especially with how stud this guy acted with his acting career and method crap.  But Rena and Sophie liked him, and he really didn't have a reason to dislike the guy.  So while Rena attended to seeing him in when he finally arrived, Tony went to take care of Ant.  It was nearly his bedtime, and he'd already been fed.

Kirk, however, was in a Jaguar hauling ass to the address of the infamous Iron Man's house.  Well, his incentive was the hot wife and the free booze, but bonus points for getting to hang out with a superhero.  Maybe he could study him, convince a studio that he could play him in the sequel.  Once he got there, Jarvis greeted him at the gate and allowed him inside where he parked and went up to the door, knocking.
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[Jun. 30th, 2008|03:43 pm]
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Who: Tony Stark, Thirteen, James Rhodes and Sophie Stark
Where: Stark Mansion in New York
When: Monday afternoon
Why: Tony's gotta intro his best friend to the little missus and kidlets
Rating: PG-13 at most for anything discussing

Sir, Colonel Rhodes is on his way. Shouldn't you be preparing for his arrival?

"In a minute, Jarvis. Just have to finish one...small....detail--there. All done," he said as he dropped the very fine tipped paintbrush onto the desk. Tony normally would have had Jarvis render the Mark II in an array of colors just to make fun of Rhodey's weekend wedding to a guy, but he figured a small rainbow delicately painted inside of the helmet where only he could see it would be substantial enough. Until he decided to take it off.

He'd already been down there for hours running scans, diagnostics and what have you on the Mark II, so he was thoroughly grimey and he wasn't sure just when Rhodey would get there. But anyone who looked at Tony could tell he was happy he was on his way. He'd really missed having his best friend around. Then a baby cooed which distracted Tony from his decision to finally go and shower. He smiled and walked over to Remy, who was holding the baby in her arms, bouncing him lightly to entertain him. He was definitely a Stark with the jet black hair and the curiosity for mechanical things since Edward currently had his gaze on Butterfingers, who was pinching motions at Edward as if he might go for the cheeks.

"Hey, if you pinch him and leave a mark, I'm using you for spare parts on his future tricycle," he said as he wagged a finger at Butterfingers. The robot drooped as he was chastised and retreated off to go and do something else. "I'm going to go get cleaned up before he gets here. Might as well look like a family man and not a bum," he said, kissing her first then kissing Edward on the top of his head.
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[May. 20th, 2008|01:10 am]
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Who: Remy and Tony
What: Giving birth to Anthony Jr.
When: Today/tonight during the whole Medieval time period
Where: Their castle XD
Warnings: The total amount of cussing out Remy will do to Tony.

Actually Remy had gotten up out of her bed if only to change her dressing gown. Yeah she was about to be sweaty and bloody but she didn't need to be all wet down there too and have it feel like she peed herself. She moved all of the blankets and things off of the bed and waited for Tony to come with some of the servants.

There was already some discomfort, but she was dealing with it rather well. She had half a mind to call for Dr. Cuddy, but she didn't know where the woman was, or how long it would take her to get there. It wasn't like she'd actually delivered a baby before. Pediatrics were so not her thing. This was going to be interesting.
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[May. 2nd, 2008|12:47 am]
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Who: Tony and Sophie Stark
What: Father/Daughter bonding. Don't make any sudden moves or dirty thoughts.
Where: The shop. Tinkering with weapons and stuff like that.
Warnings: Probably language. Sophie tries to clean up her mouth around adults though.

Sophie set her laptop on hibernate, then pushed herself up and off her bed. Stretching while she walked, she made her way down to the basement where she already knew her Dad was. It was kinda weird, seeing him 14 years younger. Not as weird as her mom being preggo with her elder brother, but Vortexes are Vortexes and being a Vortex baby was something you just got used to after a while. Stopping at the alarm system, she typed in her code automatically before she considered the fact that it might not work yet...
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[Mar. 17th, 2008|07:09 pm]
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Who: Tony Stark, Sophie Stark and Remy Hadley
What: Remy's passed out in the bathroom
When: Tonight
Where: Stark mansion
Warnings: TBD

Sophie was outside the bathroom, crying a bit because her mommy was inside the bathroom, and she hadn't come out in a while. Of course Remy had told Sophie she was going to the bathroom and for her to sit in the other room and wait for her, but it'd been so long that Sophie didn't know what else to do but sit outside the bathroom and call her daddy to come and help. She'd been crying, and now she waited for Tony to show up. She hoped that he could help Mommy.
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[Feb. 29th, 2008|12:13 pm]
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Who: Thirteen, Tony and Sophie Stark
What: A family outing
When: Today
Where: The zoo
Warnings: I swear there will be no sex. They're out in public. With the kid. Swear.

The day was fairly warm, warm enough to enjoy their little adventure to the zoo. But Remy made sure that she bundled Sophie up, and the three of them headed out to the zoo. She wondered if Sophie had ever been to the zoo, what she'd seen and what she hadn't seen. Though she could talk, it wasn't like the kid could really talk about what had gone on in her past. That was for a later time, she supposed.

Getting into the zoo, she hm'd a bit, looking at Tony with a grin before looking down at Sophie in her stroller. The kid could walk, but she was two and they'd have to carry her most of the way without the stroller. "Okay kiddo.. do you want to see the monkey's first? Or the polar bears?" that seemed like a good place to start since they were the first ones you came to depending on which way you walked.
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[Feb. 24th, 2008|05:51 pm]
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Who: Sophie Stark, Thirteen, eventually Tony Stark
Where: Stark mansion
When: Nowish
Why: Tony and Thirteen's kid popped up out of nowhere
Rating: PG? Pfft. It totally tanked into NC-17 in the end.

There was a bedroom that was just down the hall from Tony's main one that used to be an office of sorts. Now, the room's decor had changed into a small twin bed, toybox and various other accoutrements for a two-year-old girl. Sophie sat at a table, her tongue sticking out of the coner of her mouth as she tried to color inside of the lines in her coloring book. Her mannerisms, the way she concentrated on her drawing, was every bit of Tony's character.
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