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[Feb. 15th, 2009|07:01 pm]
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This post contains a large degree of insanity. There are several unconnected threads that we didn't want to spam the community with.

All are happening on the 14th, and all are to be considered NSFW.
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[Dec. 28th, 2008|05:24 pm]
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Who: The Rogan/Boudreaux family
Where: Genosha
When: Friday
What: reuniting, going wtf.
Warnings: cursing, backstory, possible rum consumption.

It had been a loooong day )
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[Oct. 6th, 2008|06:59 pm]
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Who: Cable and Domino, with the Rogan family
What: Narrative Log
Where: Their spaceship, Genosha
When: A day or so ago
Warnings: Angst, pregnancy issues, sex, more angst, more sex. TL;DR

No I won't be afraid, oh, I won't shed a tear just as long as you stand, stand by me )
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[Sep. 15th, 2008|05:06 pm]
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Who: Julien Boudreaux and Belladonna Rogan
Where: The Rogan House
When: Earlier today
What: String Tag, aka Sneaky Tag and Play Fighting
Warnings: NC-17: Incestuous and sexual situations

Julien was a-hunting... )
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[Aug. 7th, 2008|05:22 pm]

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Who: Belle the older and Julien (with special guest appearance by Alex)
Where: Genosha's portkey, the hotel spa.
What: sympathy and hot water goodness
When: after their conversation
Warnings: orgy, seekrit incest, voyeurism

Belle sat patiently by the portkey, coffee in hand. She had managed to squeeze an hour with her guest into her schedule, but it had meant getting up an hour earlier, and she was regretting the loss of sleep already.

Oh well. She was forming good ties, or something.

At least the girl had said she had money. Not that Belle would have done differently if she didn't.
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[Feb. 12th, 2008|09:48 pm]

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Who: Belle, Marrow, and Julien
What: Pwnage
Where: London
Rating: High for pwnage, language, and possible reference to adult situations (possible trigger warnings apply)

Belle was finally able to remain conscious for two consecutive hours. So it was time to get weapons. Going back to her home would be stupid, so she had talked Marrow into helping her find weaponry. Which had turned out to be kind of fun.

She was, all in all, feeling much more like herself.
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[Feb. 4th, 2008|10:46 am]

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Who: Belle and Julien
What: Sex, drugs, and incest
Where: London, at a swanky hotel
When: Before pocky goes down, but after the thrown down with Cap
Rating: Rough sex, drug use, incest, ass to mouth, non-con, kinky stuff of all types. Definitely NC-17

Belle just wanted to go to sleep. The fight with Cap had been alright, but afterward one of the buildings she had passed had decided it had been standing long enough. While she wasn't directly injured, she had gone back to help dig people out, and had suffered several injuries doing that, as well as exhausting the rest of her powers. It was a very tired and mostly naked woman who dragged herself into the hotel asking for Matthew, at the desk. The receptionist seemed to take exception to Belle's appearance, and Belle had to force her to dial the phone and tell Matthew to come down, since Belle couldn't get up to where he was on her own.
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[Jan. 26th, 2008|10:22 pm]

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Who: Belle and 'Matthew'
What: Meeting
Where: Julien's place
When: Evening
Rating: Probably high. Expect sexorz.

Belle ported in, adjusting her dress. She'd been happy to break out some of the nicer clothes in her closet, since she wasn't going to be in the cold anymore. Her dress was clingy, made of a thin fabric that went from a bright sky blue at the neckline to a dark, rich navy at the very much adjacent hem.

Her heels were high, her hair perfect, and her make up subtle. She was already turning heads, and her target wasn't even there yet.
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