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[Nov. 15th, 2008|08:23 pm]
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Who: Steve and Tony (Pepper's Tony)
What: Talking
Where: Couch! In Tony's home
When: Saturday

You change your mind, like a girl changes clothes )
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[Oct. 1st, 2008|08:06 am]
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Who: Tony Stark (both), Remy Stark and Pepper Potts
Where: LA Stark mansion
When: Monday night
Why: Tony finds out Pepper's been here all along and wants to see her.
Rating: TBD Bring on ze drama.

It was as if a veil had been lifted off of his eyes ever since Remy had spoken those words.  Pepper had been here in this universe for a long time now, was even pregnant with his other self's baby, which was technically his as well, and it immensely gnawed at his mind.  He'd had his mind wiped?  He'd been on the verge of a divorce because of Pepper and his love for her?  All of this was news to him, and Tony honestly didn't know how to react to all of it.  He'd run the gamut of emotions: anger, frustration, sadness and elation.  But what was he supposed to do?

Only one thing he could do.  He had to go and see her for himself.  Just because he didn't trust himself, he'd take the baby with him, and secretly, he wanted Pepper to see his son.  The one that could have easily been hers had it been a different time.

When Remy returned, he was waiting for her in the den, though he'd fallen asleep on the couch, his body outstretched across it with Ant just as sound asleep as him, the baby quietly sucking on his thumb with Tony's hand resting on back.  Tony had dozed off while watching television to keep his mind occupied after feeding Ant.  

He didn't even look peacefully asleep, either.  Tony looked conflicted or worried, even as he slept, though it wasn't a wonder what with everything that had to be running through his head at the moment.
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[Sep. 10th, 2008|10:57 pm]

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Who: Extremis! Tony and Pepper Potts
When: Backdated a couple of days
Where: Their home in LA
Why: Tony wants to spend time with Pepper and the baby bump
Rating: Um dunno. It's us.

Sorely needing a break, food and a shower, and not in that particular order, Tony decided to emerge from his workshop for a little while.  He hadn't been up to check on Pepper in a few hours, and she'd said her back was hurting, so he offered to give her a massage.  But before that, he took a quick shower in the stall down in the workshop before changing clothes and heading up to see her.  He'd forgotten to ask if she'd eaten or wanted anything, so he stopped by the kitchen to get her some crackers and a glass of juice just as a snack before dinner.  She'd probably send him to Italy for real Chicken Parmesan for all he knew, so no use in preparing something that might make her gag as well.

Knocking on their bedroom door, he nudged it open and stepped inside, a box of animal crackers in one hand and a glass of juice in the other.  He thought the animal crackers were a cute touch to cheer her up from being on bedrest so early in the pregnancy.
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[Jul. 22nd, 2008|04:32 pm]

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Who: Extremis! Tony Stark and Pepper Potts
Where: Inside the Malibu beach house of win
When: Tuesday evening
Why: Tony's still a little strange.
Rating: Sex. Duh.

A loud clanging rang through the workshop below the house as Tony puttered about listlessly, picking up random object, tinkered with them, then dropped them back on in place.  Nothing entertained him or captured his interest long enough to get him to sit still, and he'd gone back to that old habit of tapping the arc reactor on his chest when he was deep in thought.  He had just been getting back into himself when this came out of nowhere and plopped in his lap.  He'd woken on more than one occasion with flashbacks of the cave, of the rough surgery to install the electromagnet, and he knew it had to have worried Pepper to hear him yell in his sleep and then retreat to the bathroom for a while before going down to the shop.

It was strange to see her chest glow just like his, and every time he reached for the ring he'd bought to give to her, he hesitated.  Everything was all messed up right now, what with Extremis not in his system. Tony felt like only half of what he'd been before.  He was going to need to keep his hands busy somehow, so Tony pulled out his computer chair and ran his hand over the shorthand keyboard, making it light up as his fingers quickly skirted over the keys as he started to type just to see what his idle brain would come up with.
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[Jul. 14th, 2008|10:03 pm]

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Who: Extremis! Tony Stark and Ganieda
Where: Downtown Manhattan
When: Late afternoon
Why: Tony's in town and what's better than bumping into a prophet?
Rating: PG-13 at most for language and imagery

Tony used to not be in a habit of taking care of issues with his company, but he'd been fiddling with several things with Stark Solutions, namely setting Pepper as a partial owner.  This was something he'd mentioned once with her, but they'd never brought it up again.  But they'd died and it'd changed a lot of things with them.  If something happened to him, while he knew the other version of him had a controlling factor over the company as well, Pepper deserved a part of the place she'd kept running for over a third of her lifetime.  He wanted her to have say in it if the time came for it.  But for some reason, since the main part of the company was based in New York, he had to go there to settle papers.

He'd left early that morning, leaving strict instructions with Jarvis to tell her that he was gone to New York to take care of some paperwork and he would be home that night.  She knew if she wanted to talk to him, all she had to do was ask Jarvis to patch her through to the suit or just call him.  He wasn't hiding from her at least.  So once he'd taken care of everything, Tony decided to window shop and look for a few things for Pepper while he was there.  Always a good thing to bring your girl something when you came home from a trip.  So he found himself walking downtown, his eyes peering into individual shops at the shiny baubles.
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[Jul. 6th, 2008|09:00 am]


Who: Tony Stark [Invincible Iron Man] and OTA
When: Sunday afternoon
Where: Shops in Los Angeles
Why: Mun is bored.  Muse is bored.
Rating: PG-13 maybe?  Depending on what Tony or whoever says.

There was just no reason for Tony to be out of the house, especially on a Sunday, which he'd declared as a personal day of lying in bed constantly or working on some new brainchild in the basement of the Malibu home.  But he'd grown restless, almost itchy, to get into something.  Recent events aka his bout with dying had made him pretty antsy, but he'd been quiet.  Rhodey was here, which he was very thrilled about because he'd missed his best friend, but there was just something else he couldn't put his finger on.  He told Jarvis to tell Pepper he'd gone out for a few hours when she finally woke up since he didn't want her to worry about him.  She could always call him if she needed  or wanted him to bring anything home.

Home.  That was another thing.  This place hadn't really been home like he remembered, but with Pepper there, it was turning into that.  While they were acting pretty wild, which was definitely a different side of her he'd never seen, he was getting bored with that.  Well, less bored and more possessive.  He liked it being just the two of them on days like this when they slept in and Jarvis tinted the windows enough to let in a soft glow of the sun to warm them.  It was always the little things that mattered most.

But now he was driving towards the shops in downtown Los Angeles, dressed more like a tourist with worn jeans, trainers and a black t-shirt thrown on, in search of something to occupy him until he was ready to go home.  The car, a Bugatti Veyron, sped through the roads as its driver coaxed another 15 to 20 extra mph out of its limit with the modifications he'd made upon its purchase.  The roar of the engine could be heard as it navigated its way towards its destination and finally parking on Sunset Strip.  If anyone fucked with his car, he'd know because they'd end up screaming from the electrical jolt they'd get.  Gotta love personally installed security systems.  Shopping was his destination, but first, he needed something to eat to keep him going, so there he was, billionaire Tony Stark, hanging out at a hotdog stand and guzzling a Dr. Pepper as he waited for his footlong to be prepared.
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[Jun. 10th, 2008|10:31 pm]
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Who: Iron Man, Invincible Iron Man, Pepper Potts and Remy Hadley
Where: New York
When: Back dated Monday morning after Pepper's attack
Why: Pepper's dying, Extremis! Tony has been attacked, and only one man is left to save them both
Rating: R for the cursing going on

Despite the danger he knew could await him, Tony wasn't about to leave Pepper there for something else to come along and get her.  He was closer than the other version of him, and even if he was already halfway here, he could get to her first.  He owed her so much more, but this was just a start for his atonement.  When he arrived at the hospital, he found her lying on the ground, curled up in pain with a strange tattoo covering portions of her body. Landing next to her, his faceplate retracted and Tony stared down at her as he attempted to get her up from the ground.  He wasn't sure if his suit would protect him or if he'd even be able to move her.  "Pepper...Pepper, it's me...I'm here to take you to the mansion...." 

In the mean time, the other Tony had went off frantically in search of the one who'd attacked Pepper.  He had been intending to make it pay, but instead it had gotten him in the end.  He was flying off now to find her, and he could <i>feel</i> Extremis in his body trying to fight this off whatever it was.  He was in pain, but it was battling the pain while repairing parts of his armor midflight.  He thought he had made it out clear, but then a strong sharp jolt of pain shot through him just as he got near the hospital, and bits of his armor began to fall off.  First the repulsors flickers, trying to go offline, then his gauntlets fell off and the undersuit had retracted back into his body.  Tony was falling fast, and the next thing he realized, he was crashing to the ground a few feet from his other self and Pepper.
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[Jun. 5th, 2008|05:38 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Who: Extremis Tony & Pepper Potts
Where: Tony's Los Angeles pad
When: backdated to last night
Why:  Any number of reasons.  Paparazzi are after them, they're horny...really anything.
Rating: *ahem* does this really need to be stated?

His feet were propped up on the workstation as Jarvis switched views between the cameras that lined the outer wall of his home, a bowl of popcorn sitting in his lap as he munched happily as he watched one photographer try to peek into a glass only to have a bright light flashed in his eyes.  Stupid people.  Thinking that Tony Stark wouldn't have some kind of unbreachable security system.  With the Extremis, Tony could tap into his house's systems no matter where he was in the place or even if he were miles away, which is what he did while inside of the suit early in the afternoon.  He'd been working on a version of Jarvis for Pepper's home, one complete with a security system to rival the one operated, and so he'd surfed through Stark databases for blueprints and tweaked them a little to her specifications.  Aside from that, he'd been quite bored despite the fact he should have been running the company since Pepper wasn't his employee.

Finishing the last of his popcorn, he spotted Pepper's car on one of the screens pulling into the driveway with swarms of paparazzi following her car until it'd come to a stop.  He didn't care if they harassed him.  He was used to that kind of thing.  What he hated was them bugging her a bit too much.  Rolling his eyes, Tony pushed a button that connected him to a loud speaker as he yelled at the people on his lawn, "Hey!  Get away from her before Iron Man comes out to play rocket tag with each and every one of you.  And believe me, he <b>doesn't</b> miss."  Pepper would find the front door unlocked for her.
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[May. 31st, 2008|08:25 pm]

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Who: Extremis!Tony and Pepper
When: Nowish
Where: Her love shack, I mean...whut?
Why: Sperm donation
Rating: Smut.  Duh.

Thank God, everything was back to normal so he could speed his car down the road.  As much as he didn't mind using the armor to get around when everything was futuristic, he preferred to cruise along in the supped up Audi and keep the undersuit hidden inside of his body instead of having to take it off.  Tony couldn't believe that he was doing this, actively trying to get Pepper pregnant, help her have the kid they both knew she deserved.  The one that haunted their relationship of what might have been.

He'd imagined a small boy with hair like his mother and eyes as intense as his sometimes.  And this made the decision that much easier and solidified his resolve that she would have this.  They would have this.

Twenty minutes and he was hauling ass into her driveway, gravel spitting from under the tires until he skidded to a halt.  Her butler had learned already that the door should be propped open and waiting for him.
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[May. 24th, 2008|03:49 pm]
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Who: Pepper Potts and Invincible Iron Man
What: Talking and hopefully no throwing down stairs
When: Last night
Where: Her house.. uh.. probably .. space house now
Warnings: Who the hell knows.

Pepper was pacing back and forth just as nervously as ever. Sure there was this whole thing in the future, but really she was more worried that she'd made a mistake. That he really was just Tony trying to be funny and get her to see him. She wanted to trust him, really she did, but after he'd not gone away the last time she told him and the whole stairs thing happened, she didn't know if she wanted to deal with it.

But it was too late for that now, he was on his way there. And so she waited impatiently for him to show up. She really hoped this wouldn't be as crap as the last time. She wasn't quite sure she'd handle this if it was all just a ploy.
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