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[Aug. 23rd, 2008|11:09 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Dexter Morgan, OTA (Tag Death, Already! :P)
Coffee. Pondering the new narcolepsy of the universe.
When/Where: Right the heck now, local Starschmuck's coffee, NYC
Warnings: None, atm.

Dexter was sipping at what felt like his tenth coffee of the day, trying to look over one of his open case files. He was surprised to find that a serial murderer, who had been keeping his attention for the past two months, had suddenly dropped off the radar. No new kills, in almost three weeks now. Not that he particularly minded the lack of new deaths, even if it was a bit boring.

Come to think, he was getting so sick of the reports, every time he read them, he fell asleep. Hence the sudden redoubling of his coffee addiction, as he fought to stay awake long enough, to work on some sort of profile.

Or maybe how to get him back...

He yawned deeply again, taking another pull from his mocha. Damn, he was starting to think he'd be better off dropping it, until the new kill.
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[Jul. 27th, 2008|07:12 pm]

Who: Dexter Morgan, OTA [TAG DEATH OMG]
Coffee! The #2 addiction in America, don'tchya know
When/Where: This morning/a coffee bar in Miami
Warnings: Dex is a little crazy, and looking at murder casefile. But other than that, maybe a bit of swearing.

Dexter was in the middle of his usual breakfast- a large coffee and whatever donut the little hole-in-the-wall he frequented picked up from the bigger chain that day. It was actually glazed, raspberry filled today, not so bad. How he was eating it while pouring over his current case was anyone's guess, as the drops of jelly mingled with the reds of blood in the photos, and he had to gather up a napkin, to try and wipe it off.
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