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[Jan. 31st, 2008|01:45 am]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Dasch and Greg House (MW) (Beginning cameo by Karen)
Where: The office, while he hath reign there ;)
When: Thursday afternoon-ish.
Warnings: Oh well Dasch has come to thank, and well, House and Dasch both need love, so. . .keep an eye out for a heavier disclaimer.

By no means was Dasch "cured", Birt-Hogg Dube wasn't a curable disease but it was manageable, and if it weren't for House, Dasch wouldn't know he had it to treat. Genetic, ffft. Gee, thanks Mom. He made his way in to the hospital and found Dr. Davis, who was glad to lead him to House's (the first) office, which this House had full run of while the other House . . was away. Karen knocked a few times before thrusting Dasch inside, busy, but nice enough to bring him up. "This patient, you doctor. Converse."

Dasch smiled and thanked her, glanced a little more nervously back to House. God, that man had presence. "Um, well, I, I just wanted to you know. . say thanks."
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