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[Jan. 3rd, 2009|06:03 pm]
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Who: Catia, Cassandra Crowley, and Adriel
What: Lucky grandson-of-Satan. Getting Lucky.
When/Where: Tonight-ish, the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas
Warnings: Yes. NC-17, vampirism, et al.

Catia had made her way over to a private little seating area in the casino's bar, keeping an eye out for the gorgeous blonde that had come to see her earlier, and his woman. She was a little disappointed the night wasn't going to go as planned, with the girlfriend tagging along, but she did have needs besides the blood, and at least a few of them would be met for sure. She was already working on the first- alcohol- while she waited.

Cassie had stopped giving Adriel Looks since he'd mentioned the idea of the threesome, even if she had agreed. The portkey trip on the way over had been considerably tame, Cassie trying to make him sweat things out, until she saw this mythical vampire for herself.
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