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[Mar. 2nd, 2012|10:20 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Ariel and Princess.
What: Moving in her things.
When: Friday night.
Where: Ariel's rooms in London.

Here I am. )
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[Jan. 5th, 2012|10:15 pm]

[Tags|, ]

WHO: Ariel and Calliope
WHAT: Dinner?
WHERE: A restaurant on the outskirts of Amsterdam
WARNINGS: Probably nothing.

Are you an enemy? )
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[Nov. 18th, 2011|10:43 pm]

[Tags|, ]

WHO: Princess & Ariel
WHAT: Unpacking Ariel's things
WHERE: Ariel's new set of rooms, Northeast London
WARNINGS: Possibly.

An extra pair of hands )
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[Nov. 4th, 2011|11:35 pm]

[Tags|, ]

WHO: Ariel & Princess
WHAT: Reunion
WHERE: Chez Winchester and Ariel's place in Paris
WARNINGS: Not much. Smooching.

( They said you'd gone )
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[Jun. 7th, 2011|01:08 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]

Who: Mephisto, Mary, Ariel and Ikuko
What: Some really weird sort of family get-together.
Where: Mary's apartment
When: Tuesday
Warnings: Sweary demon, antiquated sweary angel, over-exuberant nephilim, overtly friendly virgin mother. So basically no.

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[May. 18th, 2011|10:20 pm]

[Tags|, ]

WHO: Ariel and Hotch
WHAT: Making friends
WHERE: A park in London

Good and bad )
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[Apr. 6th, 2011|07:50 pm]

[Tags|, ]

WHO: Sadako and Ariel
WHAT: Family discussion
WHERE: The Shinto shrine at the temple of Todai-ji, near Nara, Japan
WARNINGS: Doubtful.

Seek the path of enlightenment )
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[Mar. 31st, 2011|04:48 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Who: Grumbletwins power activate!
What: Pub time, discussing new names.
Where: One of London's finest alcohol procurement establishments.
When: Tuesday evening.
Warnings: Antiquated snarking and occasional sweary.
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[Mar. 13th, 2011|08:43 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Iku and Ariel
What: They've found a place, now is the reckoning! AKA, packing up Iku's place, lunch, possible distractions.
Where: London, England
When: Weekend-ish
Warnings: Possible!

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[Feb. 25th, 2011|08:18 pm]

[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |pensive]

WHO: Ariel & Raziel
WHAT: Tactical discussion
WARNINGS: Doubtful

Restless sinner, rest in sin )
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[Feb. 1st, 2011|04:08 pm]

[Tags|, ]

WHO: Ariel and Raziel
WHAT: Pooling information
WARNINGS: The usual. Snark, snark, snark.

Ariel popped into what looked like an entrance hall, though it was empty. Compared to London, it was very warm, and he undid his shirtsleeves, pressing them up to his elbows. He felt out of place, as if he'd landed in Cleopatra's court, though Miss Astarte was no Cleopatra. Still, he wasn't about to spend much more time in this place, not when he had an appointment to keep. "Raziel?" He called. "It's me; are you here?" He could have teleported to the wrong place, for all he knew; he'd teleported based on his best guess.
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[Jan. 18th, 2011|05:30 pm]

[Tags|, ]

WHO: Ariel and Asmodeus
WHAT: Old demon meets new angel
WHERE: Ariel's flat outside London
WARNINGS: Possible profanity and a copious amount of mindfuckery.

It had gotten annoying, by now; every few hours Ariel would be interrupted by some loud, overbearing demon at his door. He would ask them who they were and what they came for, and he would blow them into something approaching oblivion. Eventually he'd snapped at the leader of one of the legions that he was busy and if someone had a bone to pick with him, they should show up at his door them-bloody-selves. He'd closed the door firmly in the demon's face, and resolutely ignored the calls to open it. Apparently they couldn't just blow it down?
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[Jan. 6th, 2011|12:40 am]

[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |excited]

WHO: Ariel and Ikuko
WHAT: Setting the record straight
WHERE: Her flat in London
WHEN: Right after Epiphany
WARNINGS: Possible, nay, even probable.

After he'd conversed with Azrael further on the subject of his recovering mentor, Ariel had excused himself from the upper regions and sent himself directly to Ikuko's door. It was just after dusk, but unless she was at work, he guessed that she would be home; he knew she preferred to stay in after a long day.

He knocked on the door lightly but firmly, almost buzzing with anticipation. To say he was nervous was an understatement, but he was also excited. One of his first acts after receiving the heavenly welcome, so to speak, had been to closet himself with a Japanese textbook. It had only taken him about three hours. He hoped she didn't laugh at his dialect or his accent. "Iku-san?" Ariel called, trying to sound calm. "Are you there?" he called in Japanese.
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[Dec. 27th, 2010|09:05 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Who: Ariel and Astaroth.
What: Chatting.
When: Monday night.
Where: Nemo's Rare Books.
Warnings: Swearing, but that's about it.

Mutual acquaintances. )
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[Dec. 27th, 2010|08:04 pm]

[Tags|, ]

WHO: Ariel and Iku
WHAT: Stuff? Talking and getting more comfortable with each other.
WHERE: Ariel's rooms.
WARNINGS: Quite possible.

They'd been to a nice dinner - Eastern European food - and given how close they'd been to Chalk Farm, Ariel had taken a risk. He'd directed the black cab back to his rooms, instead of to the tube station. Iku had been nothing but sweet and kind, and she was, after all, an angel's daughter. Hopefully she would understand. He still was afraid of talking to her about transcendence - but maybe the other things would be all right.

He sat back in the seat of the cab, waiting for Iku to notice that they were headed north instead of south. It sounded silly, but he rather liked surprising her already.
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[Dec. 19th, 2010|08:04 pm]

[Tags|, ]

WHO: Ariel and Ikuko
WHAT: Second date stuff.
WHERE: Via phone, London.
WARNINGS: A detailed look into the intricacies of the Nerd Mating Dance?

It had been two days, and Ariel was staring at the napkin with Ikuko's number on it. Uzza's daughter, Ikuko. He'd been trying to work up the nerve to call, and given it was now apparently the time to do so, he picked up the phone. He'd mastered the tiny buttons on the cell phone well enough to not make a mistake, and now he was waiting for someone to pick up. Hopefully Ikuko herself. Hopefully not Uzza.
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[Dec. 14th, 2010|11:05 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Ikuko Kada and Ariel Gagne
What: It's almost gift-giving time, and Ikuko wants a gift for herself.
Where: Nemo's Rare Books
When: Tuesday Evening, just before closing
Warnings: Social awkwardness.

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[Dec. 9th, 2010|08:26 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

Who: Snark twins ahoy! and later, Astaroth.
What: Just another day in the shop, or is it?
Where: the book store, as usual.
When: Morning-ish.
Warnings: Oh, the usual antiquated obscenities.

For what it was worth, Mephisto hadn't had a boring day as a human. Quiet ones, yes, and certainly there were lulls between things to fascinate him, but just as soon as he thought he'd got the hang of things, his body threw him a curveball, and sent him reeling into fascination and bafflement once more.

Today, it seemed, would be one of those days. He woke up and promptly realized that he felt drained of all life, of all energy and desire, and that his digestive system was completely out of sorts. Which was why, when he walked into the shop, he was even more pallid than usual, and he didn't seem to carry himself with the same amount of grandeur and regal posturing that he generally did. He did, however, have his second journal with him, and a smile on his face as he walked in, quickly silencing the bell above the door with a swift movement of his hand thrusting up to lightly hold the bell as he closed the door behind him.

"I believe I'm ill," stated the fallen angel, matter-of-fact, and possibly more smugly than one would usually say it. It was as if the cat had caught a bird and was boasting about it.
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[Nov. 10th, 2010|08:31 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Ariel and Mephisto
What: Pub time with the devil and the alchemist
Where: London
When: Wednesday Evening
Warnings: General Ariel and Meph snark, antiquated swearing, you know. Standard them-stuff.
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[Sep. 1st, 2010|11:19 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

Who: Ariel & Mephisto (with some Jaspre, more than likely.)
What: Ariel's return to Nemo's Rare Books
Where: The book store, London
When: Thursday afternoon
Warnings: Swearing, usual banter.

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[Aug. 18th, 2010|10:01 pm]

[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |hopeful]

WHO: Princess and Ariel
WHAT: Travelling
WHERE: For now, Cairo
WARNINGS: Probably not much more than cute and snogging.

Thankfully, the hangover from the previous night's overindulgence had all but disappeared, so when he went round to collect Princess so they could go on their fortnight, he looked normal, perhaps even upbeat. He had a small valise, but if they so desired, they could come home each day to change clothing, or buy it there. The sensation of travelling with so light a burden was wonderfully freeing. He hoped the lady felt the same way.

He knocked on the door, excited in spite of wanting to appear calm; he couldn't stop thinking of time away from confusing London, and all that time with her. He even felt good enough to face Dean or someone else if they answered the door. He'd seen two young ladies he'd guessed were Dean's daughters, and they were handsome enough to be intimidating if they opened the door.
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[Aug. 16th, 2010|01:58 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Mephisto and Ariel
What: Day one of Mephisto's humanity
Where: Nemo's Rare Books, then out for dinner, then Mephisto's new London flat.
When: Today/Tonight!
Warnings: Swearing, bitterness.

( Look at me, I'm almost a human being. )

And then later...

( a mute scream. )
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[Aug. 13th, 2010|01:31 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

Who: Gabriel and Raziel Mephistopheles, Later, Ariel
What: Reunited & then PROGRESS!
Where: Nemo's Rare Books and then possibly elsewhere.
When: Today!
Warnings: Swearing angels. What else!

Mephisto couldn't help but feel at ease, despite the fact that his completely pure brother was likely seeing him as a darker being than he'd remembered. He wasn't sure how dark he'd been the last time Gabriel had seen him, but he was certain it was before his hair had gone black as midnight, and before his wings had followed suit. He knew Gabriel didn't judge him based on his appearance, because appearance changed. It was more his actions that he'd care about. "I keep hearing such amazing things about food, and I'm willing to admit that it is one of the very most important reasons for my decisions in living as a human." That said, his brow furrowed, and realized that they were probably putting Ariel out of his comfort zone. "We should find somewhere else to go, Ariel's feeling... unnerved by our bickering."
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[Aug. 8th, 2010|01:05 am]

[Tags|, ]

WHO: Meph and Ariel
WHAT: Recovering memories
WHERE: The bookshop
WARNINGS: Not likely.

He'd set a closed sign on the shop upon arriving, telling the lingering customers that something had come up and there was no one else to watch the place. With the floor clear, he was left free to consider just what he was doing. Some part of him still felt nerves, felt fear of being surprised or played false again, but he talked himself down. The fallen angel was just that, and between the service he'd done Raziel and the very real fury and loss he'd seen toward God, he couldn't doubt. Not to that degree, not anymore.

He closed his eyes, knowing the medallion wasn't far away. If you have time, I think perhaps I'm ready. Before he changed his mind.
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[Aug. 6th, 2010|03:02 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Who: Bill & Ariel
What: Memories and amusement
Where: Bill & Jack's place.
When: Friday afternoon
Warnings: Mild swearing, perhaps.

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[Aug. 1st, 2010|11:34 pm]

[Tags|, ]

WHO: Princess and Ariel
WHAT: Stuff. Talking.
WHERE: Chez Winchester.
WHEN: Immediately after Ariel and Mephisto's last log.
WARNINGS: Not really. Probably some snogging? Will update if it changes.

Once Raziel had set him at the portkey, Ariel only required minimal thought before taking it to the Winchester house. He knew it wasn't beyond an appropriate hour for calling, and indeed, there were lights on when he walked up the drive. His head still ached, but thanks to Dee he felt very few other effects. He simply wanted to see Princess - to get a respite from this talk of God and life and death. Also, she would be interested in the experiment itself.

He rang the bell, hoping she'd answer, so he wouldn't have to explain himself to Dean or Dean's wife and children.
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[Jul. 31st, 2010|02:53 am]

[Tags|, ]

WHO: The grumbly twins
WHAT: The moment of truth - testing the purification potion
WHERE: An uninhabited hill, somewhere in rural Ireland
WARNINGS: You know, I have not a damn clue. Possible violence? Blood and guts? Demons screaming?

Let the bodies hit the floor )
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[Jul. 29th, 2010|08:43 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Who: Bill Turner & Ariel
What: Some sort of magic, I'm sure.
Where: Sparrow & Turner's home on Tortuga
When: Thursday-ish.
Warnings: Even though it's Bill? Nothing worse than obscenities.
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[Jul. 25th, 2010|06:12 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Mephisto and Ariel
What: Going through new acquisitions, discussing their usual affairs
Where: Ariel's shop, London
When: Shortly after Ariel's return
Warnings: Beware, there's a bird in here! Otherwise, no.

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[Jul. 22nd, 2010|11:21 pm]

[Tags|, ]

WHO: Ariel and Princess
WHAT: Escape plans
WHERE: Chez Winchester to start
WHEN: After Mephisto's warning to Ariel, before any giant stuff happens
WARNINGS: I highly doubt it.

After the rockets calm, then we'll go dancing til it starts all over again )
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[Jul. 21st, 2010|07:37 pm]

[Tags|, ]

WHO: Ariel & Meph
WHAT: A warning
WHERE: Ariel's shop, early morning
WHEN: A few days after their drinking night
WARNINGS: Snark as usual.
STATUS: Completed (Prose)

Mmm, sinnerboots
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[Jul. 19th, 2010|10:31 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Mephisto and Ariel
What: Drinking, telling stories
Where: Nemo's Rare Books
When: Monday nightish
Warnings: Swearing, BROMANCE SO CANON, grumping at each other.

He had a feeling that he wasn't the only creature that felt like he needed a drink after the bullshit of the day, and he knew just the other creature who'd need one. It wasn't often that Mephistopheles and Ariel agreed about anything, but the one thing that was contested today was their feelings about each other. Mephistopheles ran his fingertips over several bottles at a bar that someone had set up in his castle, before he found himself at Ariel's doorstep. He could feel the devil traps, like thick cobwebs, pull at him when he walked in.

"You know, you're going to need more than those to hold me out. I don't need to use the door," Mephisto announced, before the bottles he'd touched in his castle came to rest on the shop's counter top. In all, there were an even dozen, all different sorts of spirits. From whiskey to wine, vodka, to rum and sake and beyond, all of the finest flavor, and all of the highest proof.

"Women," he said in a dismissive grumble.
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[Jul. 18th, 2010|02:03 am]

[Tags|, ]

WHO: Ariel and Mephisto, it turns out.
WHAT: A summoning.
WHERE: The back room of Nemo's Rare Books, London.
WARNINGS: I highly doubt it, aside from snark.

He'd found the book atop a small stack that had been sent to the shop while he'd been in Hawaii, the cast-offs of some rich Englishman he'd arranged to buy. They'd all seemed like fairly normal titles, but Sefer Raziel HaMalach had jumped out at him.

He knew the story well. The Book of Raziel the Angel, the heavenly Keeper of Secrets and divine knowledge, allegedly written by the angel himself and lost in antiquity. There were several versions believed to exist based on an extant copy in Spanish from the 13th century, but things had been lost in translation, of that he was certain.

Still ... the worst that could happen was that nothing would happen.

He'd cleared a space in the back room of the shop, drawn the circles, lit the candles (luckily he'd had a supply of pure beeswax). and knelt to begin the spells. He was finally feeling strong enough to do this, though he couldn't recall the last time he'd summoned an angel, as opposed to a demon.

The phrases fell from his lips in the polished Spanish of the book, sounded in the dark room, and now, all he could do was wait.
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[Jul. 14th, 2010|10:25 pm]

[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |hot]

WHO: Lilo and Ariel
WHAT: Books, and the wrath of Boobzilla
WHERE: A bookshop in Hawaii
WARNINGS: Ariel is from 1820, he's not going to use the politically correct term for African-Americans, though he's no racist.

He'd come to the (apparently American state) of Hawaii to see if he could track down a journal written by a famous Chinese alchemist. He'd located the volume, but upon looking at it, he'd realized to his dismay that his Cantonese really was archaic. Walking down the street, he'd seen the storefront of a truly enormous bookshop, and walked in. Perhaps he could find an English to Cantonese dictionary inside, given the place's sheer size.
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[Jul. 12th, 2010|05:13 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Adelia Van Helsing & Ariel
Where: Ariel's bookshop
When: now-ish
Warnings: Shouldn't be any.

When I die and they lay me to rest, gonna go to the place that's the best )
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[Jun. 26th, 2010|10:43 pm]

[Tags|, , ]

WHO: Ariel, Dean and Princess
WHAT: Warding the bookshop
WHERE: See above
WHEN: Backdated, a week or so before Robbie & Torii's wedding, before Meggie has completed her inventory of the books.
WARNINGS: Doubt it.

Ariel was spending all his time in the shop, but it was all right with him. He felt surprisingly peaceful here. However speaking with Petit had reminded him that he needed the place warded, well and truly. He'd already laid the foundations and tried to clear the shop's air, but he could only do so much. He was re-learning, recovering rituals his hands had lost, but it took time. Hopefully Dean could assist him further, and perhaps he'd call Bobby as well.
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[Jun. 23rd, 2010|12:13 am]

[Tags|, ]

WHO: Ariel and Meggie Folchart
WHAT: Starting to get things in order
WHERE: The bookshop in London
WARNINGS: Doubt it.

He'd stayed working long into the night, intending to lay the first devil's trap when he left, but apparently he'd been more tired than he'd anticipated. Ariel had simply closed his eyes over a copy of the Kabbalah, and was still there, arms on the table, sound asleep as the sun beat down onto the table. The door was still unlocked.
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[Jun. 16th, 2010|11:41 am]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Petit & Ariel
Where: Guildhall, then Backstage
When: Evening-time
What: Going for a walk!
Warnings: Not likely unless Petit finds something to curse about.

Looking out, each moment is critical, and every life politically placed )
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[Jun. 11th, 2010|09:52 pm]

[Tags|, , ]
[Current Mood |uncomfortable]

WHO: Ariel and Princess, with a little Dean thrown in
WHAT: Walking out
WHERE: Chez Winchester, then around London
WARNINGS: With these two, I highly doubt it.

A proper introduction )
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[Jun. 9th, 2010|11:53 pm]

[Tags|, , ]

WHO: Ariel, Petit and Bobby Singer
WHAT: Explanations and clarifications
WHERE: Guildhall
WARNINGS: Probably not, will update if necessary

Ariel stood in the swamp again, trying not to remember what had happened the last time he'd been here. He did his best to shake it off as he found the large old house again, knocking on the door. He was ushered into the vestibule, wondering if Bobby had arrived yet, or if he was first. This might be a bit awkward, but he had to do it, he reminded himself. It would make contacts, and maybe even friends. It was worth swallowing his pride for a while. He had flowers for Petit, so hopefully she wouldn't be too long. He held them as carefully as he could while he waited.
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