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[Feb. 7th, 2009|10:05 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Aramis and Athos
What: Time together
Where: Their home on the vineyard
When: Friday night
Rating: PG-13 for now

Women are so strange )
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[Jul. 9th, 2008|08:46 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Aramis and Athos
What: Hopefully making up?
Where: The vineyard
When: Wednesday evening
Warnings: tba

There ain't no reason things are this way )
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[Jul. 8th, 2008|12:46 am]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Aramis and Athos
What: Hospital times
When: Just after the Solomon Crown plot
Where: A French hospital
Warnings: I'll let you know

It's time we say it )
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[Mar. 7th, 2008|08:13 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

Who: Aramis and Female!Athos
What: Making up
When: Friday evening
Where: Their place
Warnings: Probably sex.

Oh, kiss me... )
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[Mar. 7th, 2008|01:47 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

Who: Aramis and Belle
What: Getting drunk!
Where: Aramis' place
When: Friday
Warnings: Who knows

After Belle had agreed to come over, Aramis had rummaged around to find proper alcohol. Finding a bottle of scotch, he set it and a couple shot glasses on the coffee table in the living room. With that done, he went to wait outside for Belle to arrive, keeping a look out for a tall, strapping young man instead of a slight, pretty woman like he was used to.
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[Feb. 18th, 2008|10:12 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Athos and Aramis
What: A proposal =O
Where: Out in the vineyard under the stars!
When: Monday evening.
Warnings: TBA

Aramis hoped it was as perfect as it looked. He'd set up a little fold out camping table and two camping chairs. On the table was a plate of delicious looking home made pastries and two wine glasses, each filled with wine from the bottle resting in a bucket under the table. They would have a perfect view of the night sky from where they were, and Aramis had set up little lanterns here and there in order to keep the area a bit more lit up.

In his pocket was a little velvet box with a white gold band in it. In the middle of the band was a single diamond, embedded in the mineral. It was the represent that though he was committed, he wasn't officially joined with his lover yet. The wedding ring had two stones, touching in the middle of the band.

Now he just had to wait for his lover to arrive.
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[Feb. 17th, 2008|11:00 am]

[Tags|, ]

Who: Aramis and Belle
What: Sword purchasing and practice
Where: Cardiff
Rating: my guess is that it will be low.

Belle stood outside the shop, smoking a cigarette, her hands shoved deep inside her pockets. It was colder than she was used to, and it made her grumpy. But at least she would be getting in some proper swordplay today, and with a handsome Frenchman, no less.

Not that she had interest in flirting at the moment, but she could always enjoy the view.
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[Feb. 10th, 2008|07:08 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Aramis and Athos
What: Chatting
Where: The vineyard
When: Sunday, early evening
Warnings: Man p0rn

Their chat over the computer had worried Aramis and the older man was quick to shut off his laptop and head out into the vineyard. He hadn't meant to upset his love as it appeared he had and was quick to remedy the situation. Dressed in a pair of casual slacks and a silk button up shirt that was left unbuttoned because it was much too warm out, even as the sun began to set. He heard a puppy yipping and followed the sound to find his lover playing with their new pet, Elizabeth. Smiling at the scene, he approached and laughed when the puppy rushed over to him and tried to get up on his leg.

"Hello there, Lizzy." He greeted and rubbed the puppy's head.
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[Jan. 27th, 2008|03:26 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Athos and Aramis
What: Getting together
Where: London
When: Sunday afternoon
Warnings: Well.

Aramis had found himself standing in the middle of the street. Why the vortex dumped him there, he didn't know, but with an odd device in his hands he had dived out of the way of an oncoming...thing. Car. A car is what Athos had called them. After talking to the odd man-woman, he dropped onto a park bench and was confused as people passed by, complimenting him on his costume. He claimed it wasn't a costume, but the people just smiled, laughed and left him where he was.

So pouting a bit, he crossed his arms over his chest and waited there.
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