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December 17th, 2009

[Dec. 17th, 2009|07:35 pm]


[Tags|, ]

Who: Cassie Ainsworth and Aziraphale
What: Meeting
Where: Covent Garden, in London
When: Nowish
Warnings: Will update if necessary

Zira dressed for the weather, layering shirts and topping it with his favorite plaid coat and scarf. He smiled at himself in the mirror, thinking Crowley would have a fit to see him now, but Crowley was off on business of his own. Zira tugged on his scarf and headed out, arriving at Covent garden within moments of talking to the girl.

Cassie. He did have a fondness for that name. He tried not to let his thoughts drift to his daughter, where ever she may be. He brushed a hand over his jaw and focused his energies to finding the Cassie he had come to meet. He scanned the crowd, easily picking her out because she stood off by herself, and looked very, very lost. "Cassie, my dear?" he called, approaching at a slow pace so not to overwhelm her.
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[Dec. 17th, 2009|11:13 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: 11-12 and Zevran
Where: 11-12's place
What: Drinking and stuff
When: right after this
Warnings: Probable, will update with specifics as necessary

Bacchus has drowned more men than Neptune )
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