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June 12th, 2009

[Jun. 12th, 2009|03:56 pm]
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Who: Nathan Ford, Sophie Devereaux, and a comatose Sam Ford.
What: Discussions, worrying, who knows.
Where: Sam's Hospital room.
When: Backdated to right after Sam went to the hospital. THAT VERY NIGHT.
Warnings: possible yelling? I just don't know!

Sophie had wasted no time getting to the hospital once Nate had given her the details, taking only enough of a detour to stop and get the promised coffee and a pair of sandwiches - she didn't know if Nate had eaten, but she was sure it wasn't high on his list of priorities at the moment. Once in the hospital She dealt with the usual questions with a few small, minor lies, eventually finding her way to the hallway outside of where they had Sam. She knocked lightly on the door to get Nate's attention, offering him the coffee as she entered.

"What do you know so far?"
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[Jun. 12th, 2009|09:24 pm]
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Who: Kezia, Rurik, and Kai
What: Sex and violence likely
Where: Kezia's place
When: This evening
Warnings: See the what.

He hadn't bothered to call, before showing up at her door. Worst case, she tried to cast him out. He was stronger by far, if he wanted to muscle his way in, he could. He hoped it wouldn't come to that, in any case, but now he understood the call of the blood. He understood why Kai kept coming back to him, year after year. Witches' blood was far more nourishing than regular human blood. It seemed to Rurik the difference between broth and beef.

He raised a hand to knock, though he knew she must have felt his approach. He could sense her in the room, and he closed his eyes, inhaling deep the sweet smell of her gypsy perfume.
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[Jun. 12th, 2009|10:23 pm]
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Who: Wes and Cimorene
What: A Ball
Where: His place, then port keying to the ball
Warnings: Cuteness? Will update, if there's more.

Wes had dressed in his tux, though it was awkward and uncomfortable. He wanted to look his best for Cimorene. especially if he was going to meet her family. He felt apprehensive about that, but he would suffer through it, for her. He was thankful she wouldn't have to suffer through meeting his parents, as far as he knew, they weren't in this universe. He was qiute all right with that. He missed his mother, but he could do without seeing her if it meant he never had to see his father, either.

He had classical music playing low on the stereo, for background noise. He caught himself humming along with it, as he waited for Cimorene.
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